Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Law of Attraction

            Have you ever wondered if the current people in your life were around you when you didn’t know them? For example, maybe you went somewhere and the person you’re going to meet in three years is right there, however you don’t even see the person because that time hasn’t even come yet; that person is almost a ghost to you.  What if you and your group of friends don’t have anything in common? It just so happens that you guys have crossed paths so many times without knowing, you've subconsciously picked up on each other’s conversation, so of course you click. The one person you know, you feel you may have known from somewhere else, could be the same person you’ve glanced at thousands of times throughout your life, the one person you dislike, might be the same person whose fate prevented you from getting in a car really puts a different perspective on things in life. All of these people in the world, hell, just in one metropolis have had to cross paths at some point. We say we never influence anyone but why do we attract the people we do? 

Some say it's energy we put it out and that's possible, but it could be combined with the way mankind is built. Our brains absorb everything when we go out into the world, we just don't recall it and it comes up in odd ways like dreams, art, or imagination, even story telling; the moments of, "Where did that come from?" is our brains pushing out information we've gathered from our environment. The evils of the world lie within us. The devil is  tricky  if you believe in such a thing; if you don't just stick around for the story. The devil has managed to weave his way through society, hide in the shadows and influence us through trickery of the brains senses, the brains ability to absorb it's environment, it's not a direct attack, it's an intelligent way of being able to make it look as if one individual is the problem instead of everyone looking at the big picture. The devil has a lot of tools, one shouldn't feel as if they are the problem, however, the crime that has happened in our world you've contributed to it some way. It starts in a odd way, someone won't let you over in traffic, that leads to anger, that anger may subside, but you're body language may suggest other things to someone else, that someone else misinterprets your body language as arrogance, but the flip side about that is you're self conscious about how you look due to a childhood of bullying, so the person misreading you, now has some jealousy/hate towards you, you being yourself pick that up and having low self-esteem, you interpret that person doesn't like you because of some insecurity you have; So there Jealous of you,  you're beating yourself up because of insecurities, because this misreading of you're body language led them to believe you're some arrogant prick; when actually, you're tense body language that can be associated with anger, which you're beautiful kind face is not displaying but your body language is, leads the other person into a frenzy. 

                   The energy switches, the person who was jealous or grew a hate for the "Arrogant" person, mood/energy has changed and now their energy will roll somewhere else, the point of the devil is confusion,  trickery and change, then he rolls all the negative energy until he gets to the right person to deliver his hurtful evil acts; like the scenario I gave above, this happens over and over, he mixes and matches, sometimes the person who does the evil act is only a platform for a greater evil. If you don't believe in the devil, negative energy can be stopped by thinking outside of the box and thinking the best of everyone; when all else fails speak. Speak what you want into existence that's why we spell, we have the ability to create, if what the Bible say's is true, we were created in the image of God, (Image: a physical likeness or representation of a person, animal, or thing, photographed, painted, sculptured, or otherwise made visible.) we have the power to stop negative; in some sense we are all God and have the ability to stop evil, stop negative from overruling and learn to live with it in balance, use it as a teaching and not a way of life...thank you for stopping  by "No Title" the random blog, feel free to voice your in opinion in the thread below and please when you get a chance, can you click on the green links when exit off my page? Thank you and have a nice day. One love.

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