Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dear Vacation

The last of my vacation comes to an end, I return to back to work, back to the grind, back to them, back to wondering  if today will be the end, don't know if I would cry or be happy if they fired's not that I don't want to work, I'm thankful for my position, I just hate knowing if one person fuck's up we all get disciplined, a team is a team but don't fix the engine when the brakes fail, don't add pressure were there is ease, don't exhaust your troops until they leave...

Dear Vacation...even though we didn't go out of town, spending time in the city and writing without a care, working on my dream, 3 hours of sleep waking up because I'm living my dream, no need to sleep because  my passion won't let me, 10 days went fast because I was active and it let me, indulge into my senses and put meaning into sentences, sit back and relax and enjoy life for what it is, it allowed me to roam and make changes in my work when I wanted, I was able to wake up and not feel the mistakes of yesterday haunting me, taunting me, playing games with people with negative energy, they gorge on my positive vibes I spray endlessly, I stupendously butt heads with this place like a stubborn ox, an Aries- Taurus cusp so my power is tremendously a source these vultures sought after, cleansing my crystals in salt after, a power draining day at work, I discover my fault during laughter, I master, disaster, dissect the emotion and stick it to the wall like it's plaster, rearrange the spelling to spell happy...

Pfff! I guess I went off on a tantrum I wan't this to end but it's only for a while, I speak what I want into existence: Money assistance.

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