Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Unfinished thoughts....

All four seasons are symbolic to the stages in our life. Spring represents birth, childhood and the beginning of young adult hood, summer represents youth, growth, the prime years of our life, fall represents middle age, the down side of our prime, the time when we start picking the fruits of our labor from the summer metaphorically speaking, and winter represents old age until death; then we are reborn again and experience the four seasons on another level. One way for us as humans to figure out our health is by looking at our planet, our home.

I feel earth is a reflection of self, it’s our mirror to understand the human body to some extent; it’s a look in to the future of mankind since the earth has been around WAY longer than us. So if one wanted to, we could look at the cycles of earth, the affects of weather in each season and gage it to our own life. For example, if a region were to have a mild summer, typically this means a harsh winter is coming. This could be symbolic to fevers and the temperature of one’s body.  Remember summer = youth, so in the summer when the temps are mild, or normal which is symbolic to when one is young and in good health, you don’t take care of yourself when the temps are mild; you trash yourself in the summer season of your body which means you’ll end up with a harsh cold winter which= old age cold= death; However for some people, it goes the other way, we all know those people who had a harsh summer, which too hot can be symbolic to running a fever, high numbers in cholesterol, blood pressure, or blood sugar, but then turn around and have a mild winter; a few complications because it’s typical of winter but nothing harsh.

The seasons in my opinion happen for a reason; besides cycle and routine, I feel the seasons are there for a bigger reason. In each season we do learn something but if one pays close attention, I think the seasons give us insight about our bodies, innovation for our medicine, and answers for certain mystery’s….or all of this could just be without any reason, it’s just there because that’s what happened…. food for thought…thank you for stopping by “No Title” the random blog, hope you enjoyed and please check out my other writes and music post. Enjoy and one more a time a big Thank you. Have a nice day and one love.  

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