Monday, October 13, 2014

The Falls

            If you’re visiting Los Angeles or live in the Los Angeles area and you’re looking for a new place to party or in town to party, take a trip to DTLA. For most native Los Angelenos, this is a part of town most of us know as an area to go clothes shopping at the alleys, avoiding trying to give all your dollar bills and change to homeless people, and an area of business or Jury duty; DTLA was not a place you would spend your evening unless you were at LA Live. Times have changed in the heart of our city. Small coffee shops and restaurants have started to come to the area and utilize the abandon buildings that are around; events like Art walk that happen every second Thursday of the month, attract thousands of people to the area; besides Art walk, there are tons of other things one can find to do in DTLA during the day in case you’re not a night person; however this review is about the night life, I’ll do another one on more day time activities one can par take in. 

On spring street between 7th and 6th  there are a few bars and a night clubs that bring Spring Street alive in the late hours; One  of those places is called The Falls. The Falls (626 South Spring st) is a vintage glam bar that play’s some good music, has an electric vibe, reasonably priced drinks, and some good bar tenders. There is no cover charge or dress code; smokers, there is a smoking patio but it is small and it can get packed really fast once the crowd starts to pour in. The pricing for alcohol as mentioned above is reasonable, $6 -$8 for beers, $8-$10 dollars for shots and mixed drinks and they have a really good IPA if you enjoy IPA’s.

 The best nights to go are just about any night, but Thursday nights really have a huge turn out because of Art Walk (Also DJ Prophet who spins hip-hop from the 90's and 2000s) one of the major events happening in DTLA every second Thursday of the month, usually goes on until about 10 p.m.; a major portion of the crowd ends up at the bars and night clubs in the area making for a unique night. On Friday’s and Saturday’s, it’s a good place to be if you’re not looking to pay a cover charge at a night club, but want the night club ambiance. On Sunday nights they have Karaoke night and on Monday nights, they have a Jazz night. If you’re hungry, they do have a kitchen, so if you want to order food, you don’t have to leave and loose your cozy spot, the food is pretty delicious and gets the job done when the alcohol munchies come to visit you. So one night, when your usual spot seems a tad mundane, take a trip to DTLA and come down to The Falls. The crowd is a pretty good mix of everything, the drinks are nice, the music is flowing well and the energy is right. If you don’t like EDM or any of the modern day Hip-hop, this bar is pretty good for staying away from that sound, Especially on Thursday night. Well hope you enjoy, if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the thread below. Thank you for stopping by “No Title” the random blog and have a nice day. =)

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