Monday, October 6, 2014

Swagger Vs. Class


1. To walk or strut with a defiant or insolent air
2. To boast or brag noisily
3. To bring, drive, force, etc; by blustering


9. Social rank, especially high rank
10. The members of a given group of society, regarded as a single entity
14. Informal. Elegance, grace, or dignity, as in dress and behavior.

            For today’s topic, I’m actually going to side with swagger. I’m not siding with swagger because of this new trend that’s sparked off what it is, because in my opinion, that photo above with Lil Wayne (to some extent) IS NOT swagger. Originally, the word was used for a man or woman who carried themselves in such a way that it showed in their demeanor, it appeared in their walk and speech; today it appears there’s a dress code when it comes to swagger. In my opinion swagger is something an individual has even when one is not dressed to the nines.

            I know many of you are sick of hearing that word because what comes to mind when you hear swagger is annoying little kids /young adults who think they know it all but haven’t really lived yet; hell, you even have some people north of  thirty who have this new swag. There’s a reason for that. When you look at the definition of swagger, in a nut shell, it’s someone who is proud; usually when one is proud, there proud of something they have done. Maybe one has accomplished many goals in their life and they exuberate that emotion without having the latest fashion; one can be dressed in rags but still have swag because of what they’ve accomplished, today’s term applies to only clothing, which is wrong and why so many people have opt to say they have class, which one has that right but people with class sort have swagger themselves. If you have class, this means you have done something in order to achieve a high ranking, you crush your goals, you get what you want for the most part: if life we’re to be a sporting event, you’re scoreboard in the past would’ve been life kicking your ass by 50 points, however, you come back and take the lead by 10; that’s class or the making of someone trying to reach class and swag is the transformation step. 

Many people are stuck or stay in the transformation step that is swag, other people believe by simply having all of the latest clothing or knowing how to dress is swag, and to some extent it might be true. We have no idea what it took for someone to get the clothes their wearing. If mommy and daddy purchased it, it’s not swag, its nice clothing; however if you got a 4.0 on your report card that’s swag, the clothing is the reward. Acting stupid and being arrogant is not swag, that’s ignorance. Wearing clothes in a manner that make you seem ignorant is not swag. Let’s take oceans 11 for example: The guys were criminals. They dressed well and they pulled of missions that even the person being swindled would have admitted to saying that was smooth. Swag for them comes from knowing what they have done in the past and carrying accomplishments forward. 

I guess another reason I choose swag is because I don’t want to wear a suit all the time, I  don’t want to wear a button down shirt all the time, I don’t want to wear a polo, slacks, or dress pants all the time; not that I think its lame because when it comes time to wear a suit or anything along those lines, I’m pretty excited to wear it, in my opinion I don’t think a man or woman has to display a certain attitude or style to be considered classy, I mean you can dress like James Dean and still have a class about yourself, or you can dress like any of the Express or H&M models and still have class about yourself border line swag; it’s all about attitude and how you present it. Dress with style, present yourself with confidence, let your accomplishments speak, (swag) while you speak with elegance (class) and that can be done with $10 dollars or $10 million dollars; but a false security, a belief in a style will never achieve any kind of class or swag, only a fake perception of one’s idea self.
                                                   (This is actually swag or what swag was)


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