Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Lash


On Winston street, a small east/west street that connects you to either Main Street or Los Angeles Street, about a block south of 4th street in the Historic Cores neighborhood of DTLA, lies this bar/club called The Lash. The Lash shares a building with lofts and another Beer/Wine bar which you might see before The Lash, so keep your eyes open when you’re driving; or you could park your car at Joe’s Parking garage on Spring Street and walk from there; after 4p.m. you pay $6 or$7 depending on the day of the week to leave your car in a parking lot for 12 hours; that’s not bad if you think about how long you’ll probably be there, so just a suggestion that may help you; anyways, once you get to Lash, you’ll notice that the entrance is on the side of the building, not where the other bar is, you’ll see a big black gate and a bouncer sitting out front checking ID’s. 
                      (This is the first room, the one that looks like a Miami night club in the 80's)

The Lash is this 90’s meets the 80’s kind of place, it’s a chill, Cutting edge, chic, kind of vintage looking but somehow smashes a night club from out of Scarface and a night club out of blade together, sprinkled with a little bit Greenwich Village, a neighborhood in Manhattan, NY) on top and you have The Lash. The crowd is really diverse so you see TONS of different styles, speaking of which, there is no dress code so you really do see TONS of different styles, the place has two sections, one in the front and one in the back; The Scarface meets Blade concept I described is the personality of the two sections of the place; the front bar looks like Tony Montana should be doing a line, walking to the back, you get the feel like you’re walking through a Metro Subway and pop out in a vampire club; it’s a Gemini’s dream because most places have only one vibe and this place has two;  It’s a not a bad thing, it’s actually really interesting and I can say there’s nothing else like it in Los Angeles. The drinks are a little on the expensive side, depends on what you order. I ordered a Jack and Coke that was $9, and I’ve ordered a Jack and Coke for $5; however, the place I got a mixed drink for $5 was in West Covina and it was all Jack and a squirt of coke; giving that this is the city and the bartender was heavy on the liquor I can’t complain, for $9 she gave me an honest drink unlike some places in Hollywood, the beers are a normal $5-$6 dollars, and for shots, if I’m correct were about $7? Don’t quote me on that, I didn’t order a shot I was just observing their drink menu. For my smokers, this place has a smoking patio; you can’t miss it because in order to get in, you walk through the designated smoking section. The crowd from my experience was a little younger, between the ages of 21-24, you saw some other people who were between the ages of 25-early 30’s, but that was on a Thursday night, so if you have a crowd selection of choice, try the weekend were you’ll find a better mix of the crowd.
                                      (The back section, where it looks like blade was filmed)                                
            As stated above The Lash is diverse and unique in crowd, d├ęcor, and location; for those who get worried easily or aren’t use to Urban environments, the area does look sketchy because it’s smashed between Main St and Los Angeles St, which sits right on the borderline of gentrification; you’ll notice a huge difference between Los Angeles St and Main St if you decided to explore and walk over a block. If you’ve been to NY, this section of DTLA puts you in mind of part of the Upper West side that meets Harlem; however the lofts and the trendy bar on the side and the restaurant up the street gives it the Greenwich Village feel or Hyde Park on the South Side of Chicago. Overall, it’s not a bad place, it’s different then most spots in Los Angeles, it’s not the typical scene you usually see which can scare some people away but go with an open mind you’ll have a good time; if not, there’s always the fall back place called Broadway Bar on Broadway or The Falls on Spring, or DnO bar which is on Spring Street and etc, however you’ll like Lash, I know you will. Thank you for stopping by “No Title” the random blog, I hope this review some others have helped you; if you’re done roaming around here, can you do me a favor and click on the one of the green links as your way out? I would gladly appreciate it and thank you ahead of time. Peace and have a good day. =)

                           (This is the street it's on to give you an image of what the area looks like)
                                                                  (That's another shot)

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