Wednesday, October 8, 2014


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            Need money to live, need money to grow, need money in order to make money…it’s hard to do things for free, and it’s hard to get money, almost like you can’t do anything unless you pay, so they’ve forced an environment of innovation but it’s hard to breed when greed, hunger, and survival begin to exceed and living recedes, in a world where our wants are before our needs….have you, standing in lines and skipping dinner with family in order to get a phone, when in the past people stood in lines to get some bread, but we’re throwing away money on a company instead…but we need to spend in order for our economy to thrive, in order for it to stay alive, if we all hoard money then we become… the…. One…percent , however we can’t become the 1% because we can’t hoard, because marketing from stores told me I needed this, and banks told me I need this, So I spend my money and swipe my card and then sit and look crazy when life is hard…but why? 

Life isn’t hard and I can’t attack the rich, nor can I attack the man whose marketing was genius because we already know of  this gimmick, yet we still go out and spend it, and our accounts are looking splendid….to the guys at top. On the flip side everything is at a high cost, stores you shopped at before seem steep, and you find yourself finding other stores that are cheap; but the cheap stores don’t have things in abundance so you find yourself right back at the store spending a hundred….on ten maybe eleven items. Gas is eh, but car fare is getting worse, hoping the people riding the bus saved their money, so they could go back to buying gas, and the people who are sick of buying gas, can ride the bus: a Yin and Yang exchange…but that didn’t happen…the people on the bus saving money for gas found another out let to spend, so when six months popped up they still wonder, “where all their money went?” While more people join the metro, the fare prices soar, making people sore because the crowded bus is packed and still picking people up at each and every stop, making someone late over and over because the bus is not on time, so for that you lose a dollar, and each day adds up until you lose a check, now you down at the office with the others waiting to collect…

            As the gap increases and you wonder if the top has some phobia of being broke, there’s people having heart attacks and strokes, trying to fight diabetes which probably caused it because they smoked, but they smoked out of stress, and didn’t find a different outlet, and they shortened their life…that can’t be blamed on the rich…there’s so much money poured into anti-smoking, even cities have banned people from smoking on the sidewalks, they’ve created Vape shops and e-cigs, the commercials have been running encouraging one to stop but the Marlboro man still appears to have an edge….

            On the ledge we stand, to the flag we pledge, one nation under God, indivisible yet our classes our divisible, the people make the country so part of it shouldn’t be miserable? so they offer college courses at a ridiculous price, most take a loan they won’t pay back in this life, or they can continue flipping burgers not having a choice but hey, when you graduate you won’t be doing fries, you’ll be the drive thru voice. =) NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM….now that last part is a metaphor…

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