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            Los Angeles use to be a city that had one of the best transportation systems in the world. People use to catch the trolleys or trains everywhere and if they didn’t do that, they walked to their destination. At the turn of the century, cars started to explode, Los Angeles started to expand and freeways were built; Los Angeles slowly stopped using public transportation and it slowly became the car capital of America. Today in the city and county of Angels, they are slowly trying to re- introduce the public transportation side back to Los Angeles. In downtown Los Angeles, the city has slowly started to make a turn around. A few blocks south of Olvera Street, one will discover another part of our city called Historic core/Gallery Row/Fashion District.

            In the Gallery Row/Historic Cores/Fashion district neighborhood, one will find a few art galleries but also a quaint neighborhood that’s urban, sophisticated, trendy, stylish, and against the grain: in a nut shell, it’s a yuppie neighborhood but the energy of the area doesn’t just attract yuppies, it attracts all kinds of people and part of that attractiveness comes from Art Walk. Art Walk is an event that takes place every second Thursday of the month in and around the Historic cores/ Gallery Row/Fashion district neighborhoods, between 1st and 7th (East and West streets)and Spring street(a North and South Street). At these events, a lot of the art galleries display new art from local artist and some artist who are well known on a local level. On the corner of 1st and Spring Street, one will find a parking lot that has all kinds of food trucks; these food trucks have a pretty wide variety; Ragin Cajun being one of them, Texas style BBQ, Korean fused BBQ, and much more. In that area, they usually have a DJ spinning some pretty good music; down side, there’s not too many places to sit and eat, so if you order a meal, they have about two or three tables you can place your food on if there not already taken, so be prepared for that. 

Art walk is a treasure hunt, there is no specific place you go, it’s a self guided tour. I know this takes place in DTLA so to just go, doesn’t seem idea in a place that‘s a tad sketchy; if you see the crowds of people have started to disappear, you’ve went too far and you might be entering skid row or some other part of DTLA.  If you want, you can go to which will give you guide lines on where to go; but once you get there, you might find yourself just losing the map and letting the wind take you, it’s the best way to experience it, and if you feel lost people are friendly down there, they’ll guide you if needed; I digress, Art walk can be fun and it represents all kind of arts. As you walk down Spring Street, you’ll come across poets, musicians, street art, and clothing designers; keep in mind, the later you go the less things one will see, so if you can, try getting there between 6 & 7. Besides galleries like the Hive, Morono Kiang, and Crewest, there are a lot of street vendors selling their art as well. It’s usually about a block or two long of different crafts, incense, body oils, memo belies, local musicians doing live acts, people walking around with signs protesting something or just trying to get others to laugh: its entertainment. 

If you’re a consumer of art, the galleries can be a tad expensive, you will find some pieces (like the one above) I purchased at the Hive for $20 including the frame.  There are a ton of unique things you should keep your eyes open for when you’re down there; every month there is something new taking place. As the night starts to come to an end, which is around 10-10:30, the crowds usually dissipate to the local bars in the area; it’s usually a pretty good time on the night of art walk and the bars can get a tad crowded; the best part, there is no cover fee or dress code. One Thursday evening when you have a chance, take a trip downtown and experience Art Walk and the culture that is starting to bloom in our city. Hope you enjoy and Thank you for stopping by “No Title” the random blog; and if I can ask one favor from you, once you’re finished here, can you please click on the red or green links as your exit out pretty please? Thank you and have a nice day. One love. 

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