Saturday, October 11, 2014

LA fashion Scene not recognized

            When ever someone thinks of fashion, the first thought that comes to mind is New York, France, Milan, Tokyo, I even think San Francisco get’s more acknowledgement then  Los Angeles when it comes down to fashion, but why? It’s like the rest of the world just ignores Los Angeles or doesn’t take us serious and I get it, because when one come’s to LA, we’re dressed very relax and comfortable out here; someone put it best: Los Angeles is an island on land. I know it sounds funny but what the person was saying is that LA is SUPER casual in the way we dress; I’ve been to church out here and seen people in Cargo shorts and flip-flops, it doesn’t bother me because the main purpose of going to church is to praise the Lord, but anywhere else in the country, that wouldn’t fly.

            Part of LA’s problem is climate; we’re kind of Mediterranean with a tiny sprinkle of tropical. I say a tiny sprinkle because if you look at our location on the map, which is 34 degrees south, we are at the beginning of low latitude’s; but what keeps us from having a wet climate is a combination of our California current which delivers polar ice cold water from Alaska down to the coast of lovely Los Angeles, and our Mountain range that runs North-west/South-east has a bit to do with that as well; having cold water temps keeps us protected from hurricanes and humidity in the summer, and controls are temps in the winter. What does this have to do with fashion? Location. When New York designers decide to drop a fall/winter line, it looks amazing. If you took notice, all the fashion capitals I mentioned up above share similar climates; I know SF and LA share the same state but SF latitude is higher and the California current affects them differently. SF is not as cold as NY but it gets chilly up there…my main point was that the people of the city can follow the trend and other cities with similar climates can follow that trend. So if a NY designer drops a new winter line, there’s at least 6 cities that will follow, and not 6 small cities either; I’m talking London, obviously Paris, Tokyo, Chicago, Hong Kong, San Francisco; these cities will follow the trend. 

            Here’s where you think LA would win: Spring/Summer clothing, our time to shine because living in a climate with little rain and warm winter days, means we’ve perfected the beach wear look and probably evolved it to something else; which we did, yet we still get shunned because our summer wear is too casual. I’m a big fan of hip-hop and came up in the era when New York dominated the scene; the guys had style and I use to wear that style; but it was also 80 degrees and wearing timberland boots when it’s 80 degrees doesn’t fly; I’m sure New York can vouch for that since the East Coast gets humid in the summer; so they wore Air force ones. Air force ones were WAY better on the feet in the summer then Timberland boots; but you know what’s even better on the feet when it’s warm: some Converse Chuck Taylors or Vans. (In my opinion)


            In the recent years, Los Angeles has been exploding with street Fashion like Odd Future, Peas and Carrots international, The Hundreds, Dope, Phresh cru, Born x Raised, Crooks & Castle, Undefeated, Diamond Supply, 10 Deep, Black Scale, Huf, Acrylick, Akomplice, Hotel 1171, Slanted Truth culture, and many more are starting to make noise out here in La La land…I don’t know, this whole article could be wrong about a TON of things but I do know this, LA is a casual town and every now and then we do like to dress when it gets a little cold  which is rare, but for the most part, we don’t really wear layers out here which hinders our fashion, so we accessorize our fashion by making our t-shirts, jeans and etc more vibrant; this allows us to still match colors with  shoes, maybe a hat or a light coat that were wearing if needed; doesn’t mean we can’t dress out here, we’re casual by default. Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section below, please be friendly about your response, I don’t want this to become a messy thread, I want people to learn and grow, not have stunted growth because of a closed mind; and if you want to school me on a few things, go right ahead, we learn something new every day. Thank you for stopping by “No Title” the random blog, I hope you enjoy and have a nice day. One love

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