Friday, September 2, 2016


From the described experiment it is clear that the mere act of eating, the food even not reaching the stomach, determines the stimulation of the gastric glands. - Ivan Pavlov

The quote up above is referring to an experiment Ivan discovered called classical conditioning. During his experiment with dogs, Ivan discovered that the dogs learned to associate food with his lab assistant.  Ivan realized this was a learned condition because at one point the dogs did not do that. Dogs do not learn to salivate when they see food, it was a wired reflex. Eventually, Ivan realized that anything the dog learned to associate food with triggered the same response. Ivan switched over to using a bell to see if  the same response would arise and it did. Ivan's study grew to become popular and is one of the many methods taught in beginning courses of psychology classes.

What does Ivan's classical conditioning have to do with labels? We all come with a label and to some degree, our stereotypes have "conditioned" us. Is it a bad thing? Yes and no. As long as man has been alive, we survived by associating fire with pain, night with predators, colors like red increase heart rate and metabolism, we know not to touch a stove because it can burn your hand, even if the stove is off. Its in our nature to be conditioned to some degree, but we are a fragile bunch; we are complicated yet simple but in the right position can be powerful. Some may feel manipulating our natural hard wired urges to get us to buy feels wrong, if its something you don't want why trick me? Most sales or marketing teams will tell you as a consumer, one doesn't know what they want; which is kind of true. A lot of companies use tactics like conditioning with jingles, images, or slogan that get people to buy.

It feels scary because to some degree, one isn't sure if they purchased (insert item) because they wanted it or there brain was bombarded. You can relax, most of the time you're buy things because you like it, its that other stuff, those random miscellaneous objects lying around your house, car, office, stuffed in the back of the closet or hidden in the garage you have to question. We all know about the power of selling and most of the mind tactics companies use, especially cigarette companies. what about everything else? Hollywood, history, myths, and etc. how does one defeat that conditioning? Everyone has a label. When one thinks of a grandma, sexy doesn't come to mind (for some it might) but the usual image is some older lady whose slightly stooped over, has a cane and is usually wearing the dark glaucoma glasses.
I'm sure you've seen memes like these floating around Facebook. These are funny but the truth is we all have  labels, sometimes these labels land us in trouble. Like the dog in Pavlov's experiment, we've come across people (Our bells) who trigger emotions in us; however one has to remember, every person is different. Some times are senses can be tricked by our instinct. Similar skin tone, hair style, cologne or perfume, similar clothing, these are the things you see; learn to look at body language and understand culture as well. Learn to understand energy and vibes and know that we can feel that. Give people a chance and don't assume like the funny not so funny memes above. Its harmless but at the same time it could be stopping you from meeting the next person who would make your life heaven....based on a look. Thank you for stopping by "No Title" have a wonderful day and I'll see you soon. ;) 

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