Saturday, December 31, 2016


There's a different style of thinking and usually its seen in different races,  actually one rules the world right now. The style of thinking I'm talking about is timing. When one creates, it needs to be perfect and one needs to do it in a set amount of time, if its not done with in said time, the creation is wrong; that's not right. The other way of thinking: creating with in a time frame but seeing the beauty in your mistakes when its wrong. In this way of thinking, your end result is the resolution but not "right". In our mistakes, beauty is born but we've been taught that a mistakes is wrong. I feel our creator made a ton of mistakes when our universe was made but in the long run, she kept them, he created, she made perfection of her mistakes and he spoke life. 

Everything in life is connected, life is beautiful when the mistakes made don't frown, when perfection is wrong in the eyes of those who define perfection but can't see even their words are wrong. Ugly is a power word created by man to control. Beauty is suppose to be unique, not catgorized as something wrong....a negative is someone's positive. Much love world and happy 2027. =)

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