Sunday, December 25, 2016

Old man winter

As I stare at
you observing
from summer I
only wonder if Winter
will be so somber,
as you look back at me
from winter you remeber
summer, but the climate
of the world is changed so
my summer is a little different,
you were ahead of me in your
prime years, but a recession
and greed can
hinder the season, flowers that
are suppose to blossom find a
different time to grow, but
you being in the winter makes you
reflect and teach me what I expect...

The lessons you
heed you pass
down to your seed,
but in summer the day
is long and during  night the
air is warm the nights

drag as if time stood still,
worries seem to get abolished
in thee enchanted season, questions
arise but get washed away by careless
four play, lazy afternoons, and routine
that bring joy, it isn't until you
cusp with autumn the spell of summer
starts to lift and you begin to realize you're
not immortal and life is a gift...

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