Thursday, December 22, 2016

Where did Summer go?

I see the leaves
on the ground and
the glow from the sun
recede into the horizon
early each day and I wonder
where did Summer go?

I just remember
yesterday, the young
nights of balmy gentle
winds would grace our
sweaty skin, giving us
relief, a brief release from
the suns heat, laughing
on young nights with sweet
scents in the air, dreaming
of far places, romance under
the stars, blacked out nights at
loud bars...where did Summer go?

Under the energized
enchanted season my lack
of understanding exploded
with anger, explored our depths,
made us question death seeing to
we're in June and have six months
til December why are we worried
about winter? Because here I am
asking a vacuous question: Where did
Summer go?

Full hearts with empty
minds makes time fly, its
only in Winter when thoughts
are loud and the heart not so
full you recognize it feels like
yesterday you were in the pool..
where did Summer go?

As I reminisce
on long days, cook
outs and shouting kids,
water fights and fireworks,
long heatwaves and heat lines
that made the air quiver like a
snake slither now were wrapped
up in warm clothes trying not to shiver
where did Summer go?

I miss her touch and
warm spark, I miss her
detached eyes with a touch
of honey that grounded her, we
moved through summer into fall
she disappeared with the leaves,
now all I see is naked trees...where
did Summer go? 

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