Thursday, September 8, 2016

Dogon Tribe knowledge and Vodun (Voodoo)

A lot of people are unfamiliar with this tribe and I think its time for us black Americans to take a gander at who these people are; I think everyone should, but mostly us, people of African decent who do not have a true origin or identity should closely at this tribe and others in W.Africa. We claim other cultures because of similarities but is it ours? Not really. I'm not sure what to believe any more about culture; some people yell cultural appropriation while at the same time jacking others cultures, others believe we're all one, and this list can go on, at the end of the day, it still leaves a group of people here in American wondering, "Where the fuck am I from?" Well according to my mom's DNA test she received earlier in the summer, part of me is from all over the place; the half of me I could see was from a few places in Africa. It was a little relief but not really, I'm still wondering about my dad. In the mean time, I can only rely on stories and feel my way around. Surprisingly some of the places that popped up in my moms DNA I guessed! Okay some of it was an educated guess because most black Americans are of Sub Saharan descent however it was still a shocker to me. So where do we go from here? Well, we study until we officially find out and study more after we find out.

Most of our ancestors came from West Africa; one of the countries in West Africa is Mali. In Mali, there is a tribe called the Dogon. The Egyptians are descendants of the Dogon and some believe that's where the Egyptians got there knowledge of the cosmos. The Dogons are known for there art and tribal costumes but most do not know about their knowledge of the stars. The Dogon spoke about moons that circulated Jupiter and Saturn WAY before telescopes were invented, they talked about a race of beings called the Nommos coming from the Sirius star system, they spoke about the Sirius system having a companion star but it cannot be seen from earth because of Sirius A brightness; researchers have found artifacts over 400 years old showing orbits of these stars. In the 1970's, astronomers found the star the Dogons were talking about. How did the Dogon find this star one may ask?

The Dogon said that most of their knowledge about the stars came from Nommos beings who came from the Sirius system. The Nommos were said to be Aquatic like beings who were there Gods. There are many beliefs the Dogon themselves may have manipulated DNA and could be kin to the Nommos; not sure how true that last one is but I question it because within that same area, a religion called Vodun (pronounced Voodoo her in America and the Caribbean) is a mysterious religion as well. How does this tie in? On a website called, they kind of break down what Voodoo is, "Within the voodoo society, there are no accidents. Practitioners believe that nothing and no event has a life of its own. That is why "vous deux", you two, you too. The universe is all one. Each thing affects something else. Scientists know that. Nature knows it. Many spiritualists agree that we are not separate, we all serve as parts of One. So, in essence, what you do unto another, you do unto you, because you ARE the other. Voo doo. View you. We are mirrors of each others souls. God is manifest through the spirits of ancestors who can bring good or harm and must be honored in ceremonies. There is a sacred cycle between the living and the dead. Believers ask for their misery to end. Rituals include prayers, drumming, dancing, singing and animal sacrifice." Voodoo is through the power of tongue, being able to manifest something from out of nothing. We do it all the time but are we conscious of it? 

Vodun origins can be found in Benin and Ghana. A lot of people and Benin and Ghana were also in Mali. In Mali, the Dogon tribe were not the only tribe to believe in the Nommos Gods, the Mande, Bambara, Malinke, Mandinka, Mende, and the Fulani were a few who also had some beliefs in the Gods from the Sirius system. In Vodun, they do have there God as well. The God Damballah is one of the main Gods. At some point, I think the religion begin to mix, I also think its possible if all of this is true, the Nommos Gods may have been the beings to introduce Vodun. Its possible they may have taught these tribes how to summon. In the later years, the Ancient Egyptians, the Nubians break down something called Egyptian Tantra. The Egyptians believed that the energy from an orgasm was healing energy. It was told that every time we orgasm, the energy leaves out of our crown chakra and it depletes us of our life force. It was said that sexual energy  was sacred and it healed us, preserving life. This practice calls for one to hold their breathe right before you orgasm, force the energy of orgasm to come up the back, wrap around the spine but it shouldn't reach your head....if you're trying to imagine that in your head and your laughing trust me, it looks just as funny as what your imagining. lol. I digress, all of this ties in because there's facts the Dogon Tribe knew about Star Sirius B (a star you can only see with a telescope) way before 1970, coincidentally in the same area Vodun has roots. I mean it could be a reach. (Shrugs shoulders) So why doesn't the general population know about this?

Catholicism, Islam, and Christianity kind of eclipsed a lot of practices of Indigenous people. A lot of it was stolen or a lot of it was mixed in. For example, Vodun now called Voodoo today is cross between the catholic church and a various mix of Native Indigenous tribes in the Caribbean and Louisiana. Is Voodoo bad? Well according to a lot of people yes, its evil, its the devils work. It's only seen that way because Hollywood, mainstream America only shows Voodoo as being this evil wicked twisted kind of practice... I guess that means the Catholic church is bad since Voodoo mixed in, right main stream world? Voodoo was used for good. Voodoo is the power to summon through tongue, kind of like prayer, so why is Voodoo bad? I've met tons of people who pray for some bad shit to happen to people, I've also read Voodoo spells that summoned or prayed for good to happen; the problem is, its not the "correct" God so its seen as evil. Imagine if someone told you, "You prepared your hot dog wrong, the Mustard is first than the Ketchup, relish and onions, your hot dog is screwed up and wrong, here taste my hot dog (same exact condiments) but some how, your convinced there's is better. Is it?

I'm not here to bash other religions because I was baptized catholic, use to go to a christian church, went to the Mosque a few times, kind of dipped into Buddha's teachings, and I really believe in Karma but Voodoo was always lingering in my mind; I was afraid to go near it because I was told its bad. It was a practice my ancestors use to practice, they use to teach. My ancestors had Mansa Musa in the west, Pharaohs in the east, exotic jungles with lush tropical forest whose water beds hid diamonds and if followed, took you to gold. Trees filled with food, mind you it was probably hot as hell if you lived in the desert but trees naturally lower the temperature so you could escape the madness by migrating to literally cooler pastures. If you kept heading west you would eventually hit the coast line which had coconut trees and tropical oceans with cool ocean breezes, an abundance of fish because usually rivers lead out into the ocean and you could probably follow that river which gave a variety of to hunt and pick. Tribal dances in bright colors, teaching each other about the stars and the orbit of the planet, teaching others about the land and its connection to the orbit, understanding the rotation and how it changed the temperature and the torrents of rain that showed up like clock work every year each season....we are as a beautiful as our land and as complex as a history. Everyone is beautiful stop making us feel ugly when we can clearly see. See you soon world. peace. 

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