Thursday, September 1, 2016

Tricked senses

I'm sure it's no surprise to you that most of the food we eat isn't by choice sometimes; we eat what has been advertised to us, we eat food based on the color of the package,  the jingle stuck in our head, the primal blood colors imprinted on signs and splashed throughout restaurants as an incentive for you to buy more, a reason to stay and eat more even though you're not hungry. The push to eat healthy has been very strong starting around 2009 but it still has not caught on.

For example, if I eat seaweed, most will look at me as if I'm weird or assume its nasty; however its odd that we consume drinks and snacks that sit in our stomachs way longer than usual. I'm curious to see if broccoli were to be advertised and package the same way as Dorritos, will it have the same effect? Do we really like junk food or are we wired to like it? A change in diet altars DNA allowing for one to achieve max benefits. In everyone's DNA lies hidden talents that sometimes surface early on or later in life. Have you ever noticed when you begin to eat healthy your thinking becomes clear? If you have, this is because our bodies need proper nutrients to function; when one doesn't supply that, you leave yourself open to disease. One turns off genes that stop you from becoming the best version of you.

There are alot theories out there about companies using food as a population control weapon and a way of holding back future  competition. On the other hand, there are people who believe its society. We shop for the items we want, supply and demand. Our minds are also manipulated to some degree. In a business course I took in college, we watched a video about grocery stores and strategies used to make consumers spend. As most know, they place the basic necessities in the back making you walk through the store; some stores even place lights that turn on to get a customers attention.  On your way to the back, the red, yellow, orange colors trick your primal urges, while the products in blue packaging seem more honest, the green products are healthy and you connect it with earth; all your senses are bombarded; you only came for two maybe four items.

We crave junk food that's only been around for a hundred years or less yet we don't want food that's been around  for centuries, food our ancestors ate. Part of the problem is society as a whole. Food is a stress trigger for alot of people. We have comfort food, food we usually grow a custom to because life is not comfortable. Bills, lack of money, which can lead to a lowered confidence, barely providing for yourself can lead to stress eating, comfort food. Food is medicine so when we stress, its in our dna to turn to food so you can be strong mentally and physically to combat what life is throwing at you. But we go for the bright red packaging, the yellow packaging or we go out to eat (hunting to some degree) to get food from bright red or yellow  (sometimes both together) food.

Most of the deep fried greasy food is good; but if prepared right, so is healthy food. Fried foods is easy to cook and usually cheaper. Healthy, organic food is expensive because its not in demand. In a nut shell we choose but when the majority isn't making enough to afford organic prices, you're basically pushing our finger to pull the trigger. This has lead people to grow there own food. Seeds cost anywhere from a dollar to $9, a plant that grows fruits and veggies is $15 or less at plant nurseries. As a society, we have a choice. Organic food is food grown without the hormones. Nobody wants you to be broke, we want our senses to not be tricked, we want to like food because we like it. Thank you for stopping by "No Title". Please feel free to check out my other writes and as you get ready to leave, can you please click on those red or green links, that's how some of us bloggers get paid. Thank you again for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

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