Friday, September 16, 2016

Time, thoughts, dreams and all that good shit..

Time: the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole. The beauty of time is you can't feel it; if you go far enough back, one can't remember moments exactly how they are because something is going to be different when you replicate a moment, which that's the curse; beautiful moments can never be duplicated but neither can pain.

 Time moves fast but at the same time slow. The way one imagines how 30 would feel at 20 is completely different because you can't remember everything from 20.

 In some sense, the internet can be our time machine. Even on this blog if I go back 2 years, I'll remember the reason for writing something but that's it. Small feeling's arise but nothing like the current moment. In everything we do, we live for the current moment; sometimes we live in the past just to pause current moments but as everything from styles to the atoms in the air change, so does your paused moments.

 Living in the past is like a old tree. The tree never leaves its position but climate, people, animals, and etc change; even the tree changes as seasons change, paused in its moments of life watching the big changes, the tree grows, solid in roots as the fickleness of the world gives away to time and the tree watches, clocking moments in its rings.

Time is something created so that we could be organized. There's nothing wrong with being organized, its part of evolution. How do we figure things out if we don't mark it? They say life sometimes is the blink of an eye, you blink once one's an adult, blink twice one is waking up in a different world as a child again.

Time....such a beautiful thing to observe, especially because were are inspired by it and don't understand it.  Our brain pathways that are deeply rooted will not change, you can create new ones as you learn; however  if not used on a regular, you will go back to the deeply rooted ones which will feel funny in a world that has changed.

 Everyone has brain pathways. Imagine if 7 billion people started living life like it was the 50's? We would have technically time traveled as a whole. can we go to the future? Not really. The future to some degree doesn't have a place, the future is something you create, the past has been created, all it takes is for everyone to be on the same page of thinking, I guess one can say the same for the future, but the future is knowledge and change, everyone has an opinion.

On a post I wrote back in April, I talked about imagination and how to some degree its a way of manifesting. Imagination is a thought, no matter how crazy it may seem, the universe God or whoever some how works it out to make sense. We dream every night and dreams are a combination of thoughts, the sub conscious, imagination, reality and etc. Can we live our dreams? Probably not the crazy ones but even in the crazy dreams, some sense was in there. Thoughts become solid, real life things our five senses can realize, that's why they say watch the company you keep. If we travel back in time on a brain pathway, a product of thinking, we should be able to manifest a past....not sure, just thoughts in my head...=) Have a nice day and I'll see you soon. one love. peace. 

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