Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Kujichagulia (koo-jee-cha-goo-LEE-yah)

Baby Sit

I understand
wanting to drink
til' you can't think,
I understand life
throws us perplex
questions and
simple answers,
I understand
wanting to numb
your senses
because its in
the nature of
people to do asinine
activities while being
conscious of doing
it, I understand
that a stiff drink
could relieve &
release the stress
to the ugly side
of this beautiful
thing we call unique,
I get it, you want to drink...
but have a plan.

Here you are,
this single young
woman abruptly
stumbling into
the bar, slinging
your jacket on
the hook, with
this fuck me look
and loosely strapped
heels, you wanted
a night of thrills
a spiritual
connection with
no feels, you
wanted to dance
the night away
to jazz in Beverly
Hills, I just wanted
a drink after coming
out of the cold
snow filled hills
I just wanted
to contemplate
the day
but I
got a unique
with Janay...

We danced,
we talked
as you slung
your leg on
to my lap and
lightly scratched
my back, you
got close and intimate,
you told me to speak
without holding back...

one drink,
two shots,
two drinks,
four shots, shit
you went from
to slurred baby's
and wanting to fuck...

you kind of
blew my buzz
because your
care free
quickly turned
with the hours
of the night,
instead of
you I found
myself responsible
for you because
you were shit
faced and on
your own...

I didn't
want anything
to happen to
you...please, be
responsible and
watch your behavior,
too many vultures out there...

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