Friday, April 1, 2016


Humans often wonder, is there somebody else out there besides us? In this large universe, filled with complex patterns, unique galaxies, suns that are bigger and younger than ours, other planets that can support life light years away, black holes, gases that if combined create something else that can harm or help us, the question will always remain: Do other species exist? We don't have to look far, we can start right here on our planet. Besides our multi legged creatures or four legged friends (sometimes enemy depending on situation or position) most of the answers lie within us. What makes us who we are today is found in our DNA. At one point on this planet, there were two other upright species (some call them races) that roamed the land among us: Neanderthals and Denisovan. Of the two, Neanderthals are the most known leaving Denosivans to be a small mystery to us. Let me give you a small back story about the Denosivans. Scientist have found that there is an overlap between the Denisovan genome and people of present day east Asia; also a group of Pacific Islanders living in Papua New Guinea known as the Melanesians. The Denisovan contributes 3 to 5 percent of their genetic material to the gnomes of Melanesians. Scientist believe that Denisovan living in eastern Eurasia mixed with the modern human ancestors of Melanesians. When the humans crossed the ocean to Papua New Guinea 45,000 years ago, they brought their Denisovan DNA with them.

In a nut shell, there was another species that lived amongst us and we mixed in with them. According to other studies, the Denisovan's may have been the inhabitants of Asia. They were small in numbers so it didn't take long before Denisovans were no longer pure. Within our own DNA, there's proof that another species did exist. Something human like walked with us. Imagine if the Neanderthals and Denisovans were around today, something that looked similar to us but through evolution, they became immune to cancer and other diseases that are human. Imagine the brain development, ideas and cultural ways, I'm sure at some point there would have been a clashing, all out war between one species and another but once things cooled off, imagine the leaps in our technology. Would our planet be in the same position? Would we even question if there's anything else out there?

We would still question? Knowing that there's three different species living on this planet who are similar in looks and structure, would change the question, we wouldn't wonder, we would know. It's funny because not much is different today in this world. We don't have a separate physical species in front of us, its in our DNA; in some sense, I guess you can say we're the separate species and current species in one. For those who don't believe other life exist, all the signs point to other life forms existing; we have found earth like planets and our own DNA has proved another species human like lived with us...

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