Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ujamaa (oo-JAH-mah)

Streets of war

You can
drive your
car down the
street, in
the slumbs
of the city
and see a
war is brewing.
you can see
the shattered
cracked streets,
people hustling
for that next
dollar, doing
what they can
only to get
fucked by
the man
that's only
one part of the plan...
a war is brewing.

You have
all the makings,
glammed in
sweeping weeping
issues under the
rug, keeping sleeping
people out of the hub,
shoving distracting
images in your mug,
while stealing your
money they programmed
us to love...a war is brewing.

A country
that's mad,
simple fixes
would make people
Glad but that
would be a wrap,
so we're put in
away emotions,
fixed with triggered
responses, reward
the sleep for
not seeing and
punish the
conscious, its like
we have a voice
with unhealed
tonsils, muffled
by what we
see, troubled
because you
want to
fool people
instead of
letting them
be free, but
the more who
arise will be
troubled by the
wool, divergent
personalities respond
different if been
fooled, holding
our heads under
water telling
us its an empty
pool a war
is brewing...

We are
not stupid,
we can see,
its clear, we
might be scared...
have you seen
someone sleep
walk? There's
no control,
once you wake
them up there
confused, usually
scared but
once made
known of there
they're aware
and they will fight it...
a war is brewing.

written 10/2/16

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