Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Women and make-up

Women for thousands of years have always worn make-up; even men in certain time periods and cultures have worn make-up. In ancient Egypt, the wearing of  make-up was called God face. The reason the Pharaoh and his queen wore make-up: they wanted to look perfect for their Gods. Queen Elizabeth in the 1600s brought  red lip stick back into fashion, in the 1700s red lip stick was only worn by prostitutes and actors, once the 1900s showed up, red lipstick made a return in silent films.  Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner, and Elizabeth Taylor introduced all shades of red of lip stick during their reign. Scientist have suggested that the color of lipstick a woman wears is connected to her sexual desirability. Its also been proven that women with red lips are seen as more attractive. A whole paragraph and that's only talking about the lips. Foundation is widely recognized as an enhancing beauty, eyeliner and mascara exaggerates youthfulness, blush is similar to red lips stick, basically providing a subtle sign of sexual interest and arousal, and last but not least, studies revealed that women wear make-up because it makes them look healthy.

Is make-up really needed? I guess it depends on the person. This year at the VMA, social media and Hollywood went nuts over the fact Alicia Keys decided to not wear make-up. This is something she's been doing for a while; honestly I like the movement she's presenting to mainstream. Its an empowerment and in my opinion a better look at your health. Besides all the test scientist conducted up above, most women aren't rocking red lip stick to seduce ( well, it's not the first thing on the list) but they're wearing it to look healthier, translation prettier. Make- up allows you to cover up those flaws, avoid something that can be taken care of. A simple switch in diet may change a few things about your skin. One can make their skin look like or resemble the wearing of foundation due to drinking enough water, making a few adjustments in your diet and exercise.

Make-up isn't a bad thing but as we move into the age of Aquarius, one will find there will be a push away from "societal norms".  In our society today, we want to hide everything, a lot of things are a facade. If one has noticed in the past few months or so, we have been unraveling a lot of things. The star spangled banner, certain actions/ethics about presidential candidates, the real deal on our judicial system and etc. So why is something as simple as make-up being attacked? Its not under attack but to some degree its false beauty; along with false beauty comes inflated self esteem that's built on a foundation ( pun intended) of other under lying problems. Women you are beautiful. The make up is used to hide what society says you should look like. Don't hide those freckles, work on getting rid of that pimple, drink more water or look for other alternatives to eliminate dry or oily skin  The same goes for us men. I'm slowly starting to lose my hair and at some point have to come to a realization short or bald is going to be a look I have to accept.

Women: I don't want you to think its only you who has to make some changes; men do to. Chivalry is a good place to start. Even if a woman is acting rachet, should you act or treat her in that manner? Hell yeah! just playing...for real, try your hardest to fight your natural urge. Make it a game. Make it a challenge for yourself. Try not fucking her.  What happens if everyone (ironically) stops fucking a thot  and treats her with respect? What happens?  What changes? What comes back? What does it make you?  If you're use to having sex every night but have been turned down for two months or more, what happens? That person will begin to change. We as men have to treat all women with respect and before you know it, make-up might slowly begin to dissipate. I know this transition might be hard (another pun) because we have been bombarded for most our lives with sexual images; hell even the make- up women wear triggers our sexual urges but we're suppose to be sophisticated. Can we control it? Yes, kind of. What can we do?

Women not wearing make-up is going to be different; but acknowledge it, think how heart pounding it is for a woman to go out in public and show her flaws when women are suppose to be Goddesses. Imagine it like someone pointing out an insecurity of yours. Some women are perfectly fine without wearing make-up but its others who feel they need it but don't. We can change society. The things we don't like are not concrete. I could be wrong on everything I just typed up above because every woman (and some men) wears make-up for different reasons....remember beauty comes from within. Everyone pay attention to what is going into your body....

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