Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Ujima (oo-GEE-mah)


You collect
the money
while I work,
creating you
tube videos of
you twerk,
but not all
the women
that you see
twerkin is
checks from
our taxes some
actually working to
get in that $75,000
a year tax bracket,
if so props to you,
much props if
you pimp the government
for school, pell grants,
pell grants, got you
wearing Commes Des Garcons
newest pants, Louis Vuitton
shades, he wearing the
retro J's, I've been staring
at them joints for some
months now this poetry
isn't getting me paid, but
fuck it
I still write
because my
message will be
displayed, that
degree I got
will be paid...

Who the
fuck am
I kidding,
I'm hoping
the government
wipes my
debt, if she
can pop out
kids and get
a check can
my education
get the same
respect? Don't
be a fool
stay in school,
to get us to
spend, when
writing my
papers I noticed
all my
from within.

isn't for
its to make
sure you
get acknowledge,
on my last
interview I took
my degree with
me, hopefully
they agree with

Working at
Sam's Club
nothing bad
to say, not
everyone can
be managers
some are there
for the pay, but
even those
who want
to be managers
are there for the pay,
some don't give
a fuck ...those
aren't leaders...

Let me
shut the
fuck up
before I
stick my
foot in
my mouth,
something I
do on a
regular, but
I'm not full of
shit guess
eating my
words means
I digest my
I am regular.

Shorty twerkin'
on You Tube
he pimpin' the
making 70k
a year because
he "went to school"...

I guess
you have to
meet the right
crowd, I'm
to weird to
hang with
the bros, I
like the universe
and shit, hipsters
see me as
ironic but they're
cool with "No Title"?
the Geeks got
popular and forgot
there roots, so they
look at me funny
when I quote "I am
Groot" I guess my
love for Ninja
Turtles or X-Men
isn't enough, I'm
not a comic book
geek so they
see me as someone
trying to bluff, the
jocks are even more
arrogant, I see them
at the gym, they've mixed
with the bros...

Its warm
under the
wing of the
dragon, its
warm under
the covers
on the bed,
its warm under
the rays of the
sun, but when
the day ends
the night brings
sun to someone else,
the seasons change,
LA isn't always
hot, Brazil gets
the heat then
Summer comes
back up top
but sometimes
 in the winter
LA got the
top back
like its summer
the hipsters
of the season...
we're all

Written 3/9/16

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