Monday, December 26, 2016

Umoja (oo-MOH-ja)


Me: Why do you act like this?

Person: I shuck and jive
to stay alive, my race
thinks I'm a disgrace because
I act ignorant and smile in they
face, but I realize in order to keep
them happy I gotta do things that's
crappy, I wear the red lips and keep
my hair nappy deep down inside I know
the pride of my people actually, I never
lose root I just do what keeps simple
minds entertained...not all of us can be
militant some one has to distract, make
others think this is how we act, let intelligence
be a disguise, let me act foolish to catch them
by surprise...but you want to call me out, fight
with me, disgrace me, when you could've used me
as a strategy, you're doing exactly what they
want and they've figured out the angel and the
advantage  but you're mad at me? Now I'm
slaved because your too blind to see the position
I paved, I had there white flags waved but you
dumb negro you saw the coon as misbehaved
instead of a way to rid old I shuck and jive
with tears in my eyes, they hoot and holler laughter tears,
I feel the burn inside! I want to wash away this face and
show the king that I am, my blood line is royalty but to
my people my coonin is my loyalty, I'd rather embarrass
myself instead of pretending I am royalty in a ghetto...Flossin
legit clothes but my credit score blows, is not the life to lead--

Neither is cooning,
I respect what you're
doing but if we work
together, our prospects
of pursuing becomes
something greater fuck
all this cooning! Because
of you...people want to
step to me saying stupid
shit but when I reply with
intelligence they think
I'm a fucking dick because
t.v. has shown them, "niggas
have no wits" I'm not a
fucking nigga, I'm not
my skin tone, I'm a person
step to me like you
step to him, no rehersed
shit...I like to talk about
the stars and other shit
that's "weird" coming
out my mouth from black
lips is not the norm, I'm
suppose to only like Jordans.
dancing, and fucking "mad bitches"
when in reality I like Jordans
if I can afford, I love dancing,
I love poetry and romancing,
I love art, I love reading, I love
learning, but when they see my
face they see your COON ass and
expect the same, I'm afraid to learn
a dance move for fear of them thinking
we're all the same! In reality to create
and learn steps is a sign of intelligence
yet you propagate the bullshit of what
they been selling us, so we regurgitate
 the noise of what they've been telling
us through hip hop but its gets censored
because of how your projecting us,
commercialized images, black people =
no intelligence, left us for dead I feel
like Leo in the revenant...So why do you coon?

Person: I coon for acceptance, I want to be assimilated...
Me: So do the rest of us
but we don't coon,
we all want to be looked
at as people and not 20
people and one black in
the room...I mean we all
see skin tone but how come
I can't have a regular  life,
even in "normal clothes" I still
hear bullshit like, "yo those
Jordan's is nice!"  Mother
fucker these are slip-on's from
target...pff...normal clothes because
clothes worn among blacks isn't normal...
If I'm not labeled up I look weird ...just
stop with the cooning so
we can unite as one.

written 3/8/16

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