Monday, December 1, 2014

The street

The corners is filled with the homeless and shit, hand out asking for quarters and smokes, hustling outdated shit for $10 bucks so they can reach their next hit, some to silence the grumble in their stomach;  I'm getting fed up because I can't walk 5 ft in a country that's dream is built on wealth but the health of our economy  is the struggle of the broken, and the opinion of the spoken so we're destine to be a society that's hopeless...maybe that's too dark, maybe its the truth, maybe the street corners is proof, maybe I'm aloof, trying to a view world through a city makes my edges loose, but when the world comes to your city the blurred lines spell truth. Streets tainted, heels clacking, perfume in the air, super models with pipe dreams getting fucked by the despair, hustlers on the corner selling weed in the open, cops can't touch them because weed is half legalized.... but if you look closer, these boys is playing pool, they out breaking the table, they got six rolling left, 2 in the pocket, one in the corner, an eight ball dangling, which could be a bust or break, depending on who your against during play....some give a chance but others take it as a win, that's a lost for you, you  have to rack up those numbers and start all over again.The corner is filled with the homeless and shit, hand out asking for quarters and smokes, staring at the people eating at the cafe on the corner, getting ignored by the superficial's and fake ballers, they're one step above begging for money, they living on they credit cards and two bucks they found in the couch, scrapped up change, took it to the coin star and made it look as if they had a couple of bucks in hand, I'm not bashing I do the same but I don't shrug off the homeless as if I'm better, only difference between him and I  is I have a home and a clean sweater, and that's fucked up but truth, there's a fine line between the desperate and the middle, we walking on a tight rope were before you could clearly see the difference....

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