Saturday, December 6, 2014

Untitled III

I don't know what its like to be a good person, so everyday when I wake up, I make an effort to do what I feel is right; other times, I stay quiet because I'm filled with wrong ; so I try to find something that is completely opposite of what I'm feeling. Some days, I'm hard on myself, because here I am, waking up to do right by people, only to come across those who are oblivious to their disgusting ways and don't care; maybe I should be like those, just not care. In my studies, I come across a lot of random information, information that has nothing to do with the topic of my focus, yet it some how spills out from time to time, like now. I read some where that most people who have a higher IQ are said to be mean. I could understand that, the higher intelligence means there's more layers to you, and what one may see as mean or bad may be a push for something else. The brain is a muscle. Guys who get big from lifting weights look mean, dangerous, someone you don't want to fuck with; so maybe it could be the same for the brain...I digress...all of us might not make that our immediate purpose because we usually just react in the moment, we don't awake in the mourning to pregame, we return in the evening to program....(there's a play on words with morning...)

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