Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Touch & Tease

Let me touch you in ways,
touch you so I can make you
say, touch you in places yesterday
that you feel today...pictures of
pouty lips pursed, submerge in
my minds theater, got me a little
hot, boiling, passion in my pot,
like the evening star shimmering,
you're the little light in my dark, my
imagination grows because your
eyes brighten my spark, sexy but
sensual, let me fill you in with this
pencil, drape from your body like
Christmas trees cling to tinsel, ironic
because I've been acting so cold,
waiting for you to act a little bold,
show a little passion, maybe a thought
that you care, deep inside you do that's
why my actions have been rare, odd but
a tad erotic but life is melodic, chaos
before order, so I succumb the

Let me touch you in ways,
touch you so I can say,
touch you in places that's
made for play, the world
is our stage so let's perform
this piece with you leading,
I'll be the second, but you
don't like to lead, I'll give you
a push for better leverage,
I'll put you in that position,
comfort you during
intermission, when part
two comes, I'll feed you
with acquisition, consoule
you while you trimble,
just feel my passion and
roll with it, the audience
doesn't know unless
you're acting a fool with
Douse into my clouds
of words with thousands
of verbs that's sure to wild
your world; let me touch,
make you blush, use my
fingers as your brush, use
your lips to make mine hush
but your lips can be used to
crush... hearts or igninte
the new, but like hate, love
can anew, I thought you knew.... 

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