Friday, December 19, 2014


I don't know you
but I loved you,
you don't know him but
you loved him, he didn't
know you but he loves you,
he didn't want you but he loves
you, impatient hearts leap when
the mind is weak, but impatient
minds wait when the heart is for
sure; sometimes we keep others
at bay instead of sailing a shore...

I don't know you
but I loved you, you
don't know him but you
loved him, he didn't
know you but he loves
you, kisses you, rubs you,
holds you tight and hugs you,
but something is missing. the same
spark isn't there when you two are
kissing, because once the lips unlock,
the magic isn't glistening, you get mad
at him even when he's listening;
something isn't're up
all night while the other half is
sleep, you're counting sheep
but getting interrupted
because your foot
is caught in the
sheets, toss, twist,
and turn your temper starts
to burn, this feeling of unsure
over consumes your mind, knowing
you have grown and you
still have more to do, makes
you wonder, "Is this the right guy for you?"

You talk to others
and find interest,
someone mind
stimulating and
invigorating, you look
back at what you have
built only to see the
mistakes that reveal,
to you and him they
stand out but over time
they healed but your eyes
still wonder, as the neglection
grows stronger...

You find yourself, forcing
yourself to hold back
your true self, because
you and him/her don't
match, but you make it
work because you're on
the same path but 2+2 =5
so the math isn't right, you're
one over on the other
and two evens equal even
yet you two are at odds...maybe,
adding to the equation, to save
your relations may erase thee abrasions
but doesn't solve the feelings you're facing...
maybe dividing the problem and subtracting
some issues may steer you away from future tissues...

Maybe you're afraid as we all
were at some point, maybe
you don't think anyone else
wants you, so like all, we all
try to make it work
in a situation that
could make it
worse,maybe you were meant,
that's why paths are crossed,
but we learn from each other that's
why we laugh at each
others cost...afraid of hurting
him/her because the split may split
them, maybe that's what they need
because splits sprout two, one
dies the other continues and that
new split, splits and the growth
continues....time can only tell but we
control time so we reveal
I neglect you, because you neglect yourself,
like a mirror, I reflect yourself, I been through
what you been through, feet in both
I respect you but I love you too much
therefore I neglect you....

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