Thursday, December 11, 2014

Louis Armstrong - Potato Head Blues (1927) TBT

For today's throw back, I'm going to throw it way back, back to the roaring 20's. A period in our great country when things begin to change, a time of social and political change, more people in America began to move from farms and began living in the city; people were starting to buy the same goods, due to the growth and birth of chain stores; this was the time period of urban growth for America and a lot of people were uncomfortable with that change. The 1920's for some people was a problem, however in the cities, it was a good time. Picture a time period when black people and white people never saw eye to eye on anything, yet when in the cities, black people had a better shot of survival up North; of course still called every derogatory name under the sun, there was still an explosion in the black communities during this time period; when you get a chance research the cotton clubs that were booming in Harlem. So to represent that time period and music for TBT, I bring to you Louie Armstrong. There's a lot we can take from the 1920's and bring it forward to today, we just need to look and learn a little from our history. One love yall...

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