Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sadie Hawkins

I don't know if I want you asking me out, only because of tradition...I'd rather ask you, so if you reject me, I don't have to hear about you asking another man out....what if he rejects you? Are you going to come running to me? Am I your sloppy seconds? Your last resort? the ugly man you rejected because I'm not what you expected? The irony...the day represents the ugly girl from the hills, asking a man if he would take her the tables flip, then do a cartwheel, because now I'm the pursued, now I have to sit here and decide if I want you, some of the pressure is gone because my palms aren't sweaty, I'm not nervous but I'm worried, worried that I have to reject you, viewed as a dick, a dog because I fucked not only one but two of your acquaintance's who don't know each other, but due to this tiny small world, in this fucked up twist of a fate I manage to stick my dick in a place my heart wasn't...pfff!! So I reject you, but want you, I can see potential as friends but that's something you don't want and me keeping you around just because I can't say no, knowing this friendship is going to lead to, kissing and maybe something else is an asshole move since I don't want you, the way you want me...Once Sadie Hawkins is finished, which is only a day, I'll pursue you so you can reject me and I'll hear what you have to say...

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