Friday, December 5, 2014

Untitled II

Humans, we can be a strange bunch. We sometimes treat each other the way we would not want to be treated, yet we still do (insert action) to others. It shows we really do not understand time, it also shows time heals all so maybe we do on some deeper level understand time; or maybe we haven't experienced a certain situation to know how much it stings, which is why, "oh that's how it feels" appears to be a daily phrase repeated. Some of us are compassionate, I'm not saying it's all of mankind, but that compassion was rooted somewhere, at some point, you went through a selfish state of mind in order to become an understanding person. Time is huge; like the bottom of the wave, time drags, but dissipates quickly like the breaking of the tide, I guess that's why it easy for us to hurt another, besides the somewhat selfish factor, what else would make you want someone to feel something you wouldn't like?

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