Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hours slow, seconds fast

Tick, tick, you can hear the seconds click...
as they add up to minutes building this
tower of life which crumbles down when
our clock stops, only to be lost
in a realm, on a plane time
does not comprehend..
Tick, tick, you can hear
the seconds click moving
at a fast pace but slowed
down so we can enjoy
a life of pleasure and all
of its toys...time moves
fast like the release of
a sneeze but moves at
a snails pace so we can
cruise the seven seas...
tick, tick you can hear
the seconds click, as the
sun rises to fall, we hope
in summer it sets, the beauty
moment of our life, because
in winter we rest, but it's
incomplete without spring,
the season of rebirth, which
death plays both sides spring is
winter in reverse...

Why do we have the four seasons besides scientific reason?  Could it be nature's way of showing us how life works? Like a teacher, she's using the planet as a chalk board and we are her students; only a few of us are paying attention. Let me explain, winter begins two weeks before the year is over,symbolic to life on earth ending, as the new year begins, it's still winter, symbolic to the limbo period, a few months in, spring begins, symbolic to entering a new life, a new plane. If right, there is a possible period we are reflecting what we did on the last plane. If you notice every spring, at least in the neck of my woods, something new sprouts or the same flowers that blossom every year, have something new about them...if were connected to this planet, meaning one and the same, when we die, we should blossom back to life as something new, we don't come back to this life, we live elsewhere; however, I think on this plane, Earth is used to help you understand that we never really die, we just move on, like time...we emulate time...usually when moving on from a chapter in your life or from someone is like seconds,  and when we move on from this plane, it's represents minutes, the next plane is a whole new hour; in every hour of our day, something new happens. Feel free to leave a comment or your opinion down below. one love.

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