Sunday, December 1, 2013

The rhythm of life...

I think life is like a song; better yet, I think life is like a DJ mixing. When you’re at a party, night club, art gallery, listening to the radio, where ever the beat of the song or even the genre of music may change and you have to change with it; some may not like the change so they leave and then enters a new wave of people; some may be able to tolerate the music and stick with the new wave. Life, like music has a pulse. When were in tune with a beat, when the vibrations began to move through our body, we began to move; our heart rate picks up and our chemistry begins to change; certain charka’s began to awake. In the mist of becoming one with a beat, you began to meet others who have the same passion for your beat; those others you began to dance with may have a different rhythmic approach; which is the beauty of life, it depends on how you adjust or mix your rhythm.

            Some dance with their hips, while others dance using their hands, some dance stomping their feet, while others dance using their arms; some dance using their whole body; some people don’t march to the beat of the drum, they rather dance to the rhythm of the snare. It’s the same song, same rhythm but different approach. The same goes for life. In life, we all have our off days; those days we wake up and don’t quite feel like ourselves or just can’t seem to get with it. Those are the days God, Allah, Buddha, Dali Lama, Zeus, the Universe, you, or whomever you praise, give you a different song. When we wake up and our beat isn’t the same, the days we just can’t seem to get with the program, those are the days our song---- no those are the days the genre of music has changed in our life for a moment; we just need to adjust to the beat, and make the most of it. 

When life gives you that different rhythm, I think it’s a time period for growth. I think this because in every genre of music, you learn something different; may it be a dance step, a rhythm, an instrument, or some sort of historic event, you always learn something different. In music, in order to stay fresh, one has to always listen to all kinds of music in order to create and maybe come out with a different sound. If you like a certain sound, you may listen to it and say, “damn I love this song but I would’ve did this different, or I would’ve said that, or I would’ve did this pitch” Whatever it is, you’ve learned something; when you go back to your genre, you take a piece of that with you and add it to your beat or sound. In life we do the same; however I think many of us get uncomfortable with the change; probably why we have shitty days. 

In my eyes, a shitty day, month or even years may be what you need; it’s not what you want, nobody wakes up asking for a shitty period in life, but sometimes when your beat becomes stale, these shitty moments are thrown at you so your old beat can be spiced up; If you began to excel in the new genre of music life has thrown at you, shifted in your direction like a shuffle on your phone or your ipod, you’ll eventually get back and have something new added; sometimes you may never go back, maybe the beat of your life is there for you to take your new beat, old beat and come up with your own beat or add to a different. Life changes and for some, it might be for the better, or what they think might be for the better; for some it might be for what they consider to be the worse, which in some cases it probably is but it only leads you to the best when it all pans out. 

Life like music, you download what you want on your playlist, you get rid of anything you don’t want on your playlist, you make constant changes and sometimes, some choose to stay in  the past. If you listen to music, dance to music, make music or simply hum it, you have that ability to change it; if it was introduced to you, you have that ability to listen. If  you were forced to listen to it because it’s everywhere you are, then listen, those are the moments we ignore and those are the moments some of us need….everything has a message. 

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