Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Art of your loins

So I was talking to a friend, actually I was texting her one day because she was responding back to me about a message I left on her FB page; it was nothing bad it was just vague; something I can be at times. The conversation was a simple conversation but I drew some inspiration, vision, and I kind of got a few questions answered all in one conversation. For some people, this may seem like a no brainer but for a man with no kids, it was a flash light in a black out for me. Having kids out of wed lock. It’s funny because in some situations, you and that other person can have a child and later on up the road begin to hate each other; you in that other person always have one thing in common. 

I think that life is art. When we meet someone, the chemical reactions in our body send those butterflies to our stomach and we fill all giggly around the person, our brain is overdosed on dopamine, and there is nothing wrong with the person. Once the honey moon phase disappears, the smoke clears, one begins to find the negative in a person. In some instances, it may not be bad, or you feel maybe you can ignore it, tolerate it, live with it, just learn to like it; in some situations it’s not so bad. One day you and your other get into a huge fight, there’s the classic crying and I hate you, and you’re such a liar, or you’re a fucking pig or you’re a bitch, this list can go on. Relationship arguments, like making your bed, are similar to fanning your sheets or a blanket a few times before it settles in the right position; once that happens you lay down and the magic begins. Once the commotion is over, you start to make up which leads to sex and for some that sex may lead to a baby. 

Kids: They can be your worst nightmare or they can be heaven; either way, there both a dream. Having kids is painting a creation between you and that significant other. A kid is a painting of your relationship. It’s a combination of her gene’s meets your genes, it’s a reminder, it’s a male version of you, a female version of you, that personality, the connection you make with your child is similar to the connection you made with your significant other, wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend.  In some cases, when parents separate, there may be a hate or misunderstanding, a growth that leads to separation; often when these things happen, children can be the root to your relationship; children are the paintings of what you and your other look like together.

I say a panting and not a reflection because paintings are not perfect, painting are exaggerated, there not an exact copy sometimes, some things are added and some things are done with a different twist, the complexity of life, when society meets home, environment meets individual and Family; the world is one huge artist and that baby, your child is the drawing.  The parent side of us does the sketch the foundation and the world shades it in, adds color, and gives your creation and picture, personality, character, and reason. We are all individual paintings and modified from the original drawing. 

The other half that we hate is the very thing that we love. The times when our children remind of us of someone, the thought that we are artist and we can paint a different picture of us in order to connect with that one thing your child does that you  hate; something the other half does that you hate. We create who we become and can easily change what we don’t want to become; eraser marks, and constant shades of our past showing our mistakes when trying to draw the perfect picture; the same goes for our children. As we grow with them and they began to change, sometimes your eraser may start become small, you know, to the point you go to erase and you rip the paper kind of small. A rip is just that, a rip, something to add to the picture.


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