Monday, December 9, 2013

Let the battle begin: Water vs Mountain part 2

            Mr. River began to slow its flow for a bit. A gush of cold air, in the form of a breeze brushed its surface. Mr. Mountain sent down a small reminder from its mountain top to intimidate the river. Did you feel that Mr. River? Did you feel that intense cold air? I can see it changed your temperature for a bit. Mr. River, your warm water, you know nothing about my harsh conditions. Mr. River, you know me and Mr. Mountain are in cahoots? It’s just another fair warning before you decide to make your choice. The river flowed for a few minutes and it began to overflow tremendously on to the land. It spilled out some water pushing Mr. Banks back by a centimeter. Whoa there Mr. River, a little arrogant aren’t we? Mr. River picked up speed and pushed Mr. Banks a little bit further out on both sides. Mr. Mountain reached from his highest peak and sent down cold air. He sent down cold air for the whole day. He sent down the coldest air. It froze the water that had pushed Mr. Banks. 

Mr. Mountain, you said that I could feel free to roam through the land…is this not correct? Those were my words. So why would you send the mighty chill from your heaven’s? I said roam, never said expand. Mr. Mountain, it’s in my nature to expand. I wouldn’t think someone is……intimidated by my expansion? Mr. Mountain in an uproar begins to feel irritated and shakes the land. As the earthquake happens, he sends down dirt, boulders and rocks. He sends down boulders that crash into the river and sends piles of dirt high enough and enough dirt that water would easily evaporate into the soil. 

After the earthquake, Mr. River slowed down a little. Mr. River now facing a new obstacle realizes he has literally piled more on his plate; or Mr. Mountains plate where he is flowing. Mr. River, can’t you see, I have made the banks stronger and you have become weak. You are no match for me or my cold air. Finally Mr. River having enough of the stories and shit talking, he finally snaps. Mr. Mountain, who are you? I’ll tell you who you are and who I am? You’re this big bully who thinks he can just throw his weight around (An aftershock happens and more boulders come crashing down into the river) Mr. River sighs, that’s real funny, real funny Mr. Mountain. Just doing my daily duties he replies. Mr. River takes this is a sign of the mountain nor the banks wanting to hear his story. Realizing the arrogance of the mountain and how it underestimates him, he sends a message down the river. We need help! The river replies. The message gets passed down this long winding trail. Once it reaches the outlet, which is the ocean, the ocean says not a problem. 

The ocean, who is the opposing enemy to the mountain, has been after Mountains for ages. Constantly crashing against the earth surface and causing erosion; in some cases, the ocean has had a chance to meet mountain sides and every chance the ocean gets, it sends its waves hurling at the mountain side, crashing against its rocky terrain and taking a piece of it back into its waters. The ocean is always sending something. Mr. Mountain, who stands tall and bold, has a slight fear of the ocean; he knows at any day, the ocean can engulf him; just as the ocean knows Mr. Mountain’s height and boldness will not be taken down in one day and can block multiple lands; she always sends furious storms at him and he manages to force them in the direction of his highest peak; these spawned children the ocean sends, her storms, seem to never clear  his peaks. Only a few have and she, Ms Ocean knows Mountain let that happen by having her clear over small ranges. 

You see the story of these two is really a love story.

To be continued….

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