Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The love story: Water vs Mountain part 3

      You see this story goes back a long way. This story starts at the beginning of time. When God created land, his intentions were to have a place for man to walk and breathe. He realized when he created land, there needed to be something to accompany the land. Man was starving and the land was too. The land said, “I’ve seen too much death and parched mouths. The creatures keep dying and this thing you call life is not living. I need something, I need someone to cover me, keep me cool when it’s hot, keep me warm when it’s cold, and cover me like a blanket. I keep wanting to grow but I can’t because I’m missing something.” As the flaming hot sun began to set, that night, a drop ascended from the heavens. The land didn’t know what it was. Whatever it was, it felt right. The land loved it and absorbed her. The next day, more of her love kept pouring down on the land. She came down in torrents and the land embraced her warmth, her cold, her nurturing, the land embraced it all. 

As she fell from heaven, some days she would stop. The sun would come out and she would sparkle across the land. Her dew drops gleamed on the newly sprouted leaves, animals would drink and she cured there parched mouths, man would drink from her as well and eat; seeing as she gave life to the animals on land. For weeks she would come down from the heavens and bless the earth. She would leave for days and when she left, it was like she hadn’t left. She always left signs that she had been there. Her signs of love showed because beautiful flowers of all colors would sprout, the grass would be green, the air was moist, everyone’s skin had a radiant glow, and everyone was healthy and happy. Whenever she would return, she would always pour down on the land and give it what it needed. When the earth and water would make love, you could hear her love for earth as she would explode from the heavens; her charkas of lighting would fill the sky and she would release, release this sound of love that could be heard for miles and miles away. In some since, the violent roar she would let out, was scary to the animals and man; not knowing that was just her sound of love. Every time she left, the land would be so radiant. The shine she gave the land with the combination of the sun, the growth she provided. The land loved it. The land loved it so much, he wanted to give back to her; the land hated when she would leave and always wondered, “Where she would go?”

A few weeks had gone by and land had not seen water. The life that she provided, the shine and radiant glow was starting to disappear and land was starting to look like it did before he met water. The animals and man was starting to get parched again; certain creatures were starting to die. Land stay calmed. Land began looking for signs of her coming back. Land would start to, absorb the water and save parts of her; land wanted and needed her. Then one day, clouds began to form. Land knew that had to be her. Land began to get excited, waiting for her. She showed up but for only 15 minutes. She dissipated and left land parched of her love. Land and all of its life began looking, waiting, staring at the stars and waiting for her love. Months had gone by and land had not seen water.  Land was sad and couldn’t figure out. 

       One morning, as the bright hot sun began to rise, land grew furious. He had not seen his love in months and wondered who she had been with. Land got to thinking and wondered it must have been the sky. Land saw she came from there and wondered if that’s who she was spreading her love to. Land got mad. Land saw all of her signs of love, her trees, her plants, her now dead flowers that land had so graciously kept watering from everything it had stored up. Land began to get so mad, he began to shake. He shook violently. He kept shaking and uprooting all she had done. Land shook so hard, he began to rise. As he began to rise, land stopped. He noticed something. All of his anger had uprooted her very precious gifts. Land didn’t care, he shook again; this time he shook harder than last time. Land shook for several weeks. He didn’t stop. He kept shaking. Land realized the more he shook, the closer he got to where his loved one came from. Eventually land grew tired. He looked around and realized he created something. He realized in her absence, he created a floor. 

Land still a tad furious and curious, he did it again. He realized part of him was getting closer to her but he was creating a floor. Land realized it was cold up here; however it was still pretty warm at his bottom. Land shook again. He kept shaking for months, reaching for the heaven’s; land had changed. Land was getting upset and realized all of this shaking has made him uneven and not to mention at his new height, still no water….

To be continued….

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