Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Balding (Natures cruel joke)

As I grow older, my hairline is starting to recede. As of now, I still have a full head of hair but I have noticed a slight difference in my hairline. In some sense, it has taken a toll on my confidence but nature has shown some mercy on me, it was first noticeable when I turned 25; much has not changed in four years. I can’t help but think, this has to be such a petty thing to worry about. I’m aware there are far worse problems in life; I’ve realized there are far more things in my life I should be more worried about besides my receding hairline. At the beginning of 2013, I decided to shave my head and see what I would look like if my hair got really bad.

            Nothing personal to the men who are balding and still sport their hair but honestly, I don’t think it looks good; that’s in my opinion. Since I’ve been noticing the cruel joke by nature, I have been observing other bald men. One day I was at work and I came across a customer who had the classic bozo the clown look. I glanced at him and could tell he was not comfortable with the hair loss, however to make it worse, he takes out a comb and begins combing his hair. I thought to myself, please let me not be in denial when I’m older and start combing hair that I should just cut. I understand some men can’t sport a bold head and be comfortable with that, I understand that most men are not comfortable with wearing a hat all the time; seeing as to that is such a unnatural look; I should know this because I’m constantly wearing a hat and I still have a lot of hair to show off, I better show it off now before I don’t have any more. 

I’m constantly growing my hair out and would love to wear it short but I am so insecure when I wear it short. There is one style I can sport my hair and I’m constantly wearing that style. Once again, I find this to be such a petty thing to worry about so I don’t let it bother me until I got to style my hair and get a tad disgusted. It’s funny because some day’s it doesn’t look bad, and some day’s it’s a constant reminder. However, I’m learning to accept the fact that at some point in my life, hair will be a thing of my youth and it won’t be a bother; I mean as of now, it’s not a huge bother, I won’t even call it a concern because it not a big deal, I’ll call it a small issue that can be solved. So barber, what will it be today? Give me a zero, a buzz cut and let me grow accustom to this bald head, let the sun kiss it, line up my goatee, and oh by the way, future Dean, welcome to your new look. Enjoy =)


  1. Man, 3 years after this post, how're you feeling? What about your hairline? I'm losing mine and I feel bad...

  2. David surprisingly my hair is still holding up.I'm feeling pretty good..I wish for it to stay as is but if worse comes to worse, I'll just have to shave it off. Sorry for the late response, just saw your comment right now..