Monday, December 23, 2013

The errie silence: Water vs Mountain part 6

            Mr. River began to pick up speed. Mr. River out of the blue became a roaring rapids. He charged at the mountain widening the cracks. He sent another message down the stream, “tell mom to stop sending storms towards Mr. Mountain, tell her to send the storms from the south.” The message got passed down. Mr. River kept crashing into the small crack it found. It kept widening the crack little by little. Days had gone by and the river kept chucking away but wondered if the message had been delivered. Finally, some clouds showed up but nothing. Then again, some more clouds showed up but nothing. The river started to grow angry and wondered why she sent only clouds but no storms. A month had gone by and he realized he was getting stronger but there was no rain where he was at.

            The summer was coming to an end the next day and the storms he requested did not show up. Still furious, he crashed into Mr. Mountain, little by little trying to widen that crack. Finally the message was sent up, “Your mother has been trying to send storms but she’s not aggressive on that end, she has been sending rain but it stops, further down your long winding trail. Her storms don’t reach this far she just aided you with more water.” “She needs to try harder!! The storms she sends to try and clear the Mountain peak is not working! I think maybe two have made it over but those two barely left me anything to work with.” Mr. River kept at the crack in the mountain.

As the days progressed, summer quickly faded away and fall took hold on the terrain. The temperature began to drop; not winter like but it began to get cold. It had been a month since there was any rain and Mr. River who at the beginning of fall had tons of power from the down pours of rain his mother had provided him with down the trail; that extra water was starting to become jaded and they were back to the same strength they were at earlier in the summer. Mr. River had grown. He was wider then he was when he first arrived in the region. He was trying his hardest to keep the momentum going but he knew him and his armies were going to have to slow down.

            He knew his army was strong and water would keep flowing since his trail was in warmer regions were winter rarely existed; he also knew that this time, in this region winter was going to be harsh. He didn’t want to exhaust his army so he slowed down. The rage he had passionately exuberated at the mountain just about came to a halt compared to a few weeks ago. Every other day, Mr. River would pick up this exhilarating energy, this determination to finish what he started. Instead of trying to widen the crack he would Push Mr. Banks further out. This time instead of on both sides, he began to only focus on one side. Mr. Banks tried to hold his ground but Mr. River was just too strong for him; Mr. River knew that which is why he put all of his strength into one side. 

Mr. River expanded wide and got pretty far. Mr. River had expanded into a Lake on the battered side. The other side, he neglected and the water on that side began to evaporate. Mr. Mountain had been quiet this whole time and this made Mr. River a tad worried. He wasn’t sure what the winter had in store for him; and by the looks of fall, it wasn’t going to be pretty. After Mr. River expanded and created a lake, he began to go to work on that crack he found. Mr. River didn’t have the energy. When Mr. River created the lake, it forced half of his army to constantly pour into the lake which didn’t leave him with much force to dig into that crack. As it grew later into fall, he felt the temperature drop a little lower and the nights were cold; almost cold enough to freeze water. Mr. River felt that Mr. Mountain was just toying with him and his mother, Ms. Ocean just stopped. The skies had been clear for the past month but the air was cold; not mountain cold but just cold. There had been no rain, no wind, it was an eerie silence that roamed across the land...

To be continued….


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  2. That was beautifully written and it got me hooked. I will anxiously wait for the fate of Mr River.

  3. Thank you umashankar! I'm glad you enjoyed and I will be posting more pretty soon. The last part is going to be a little bit longer but I hope it's something you and others enjoy. Sorry for the late response and hope to hear from you soon.