Monday, December 16, 2013

Ocean: The angry love child. Water vs Mountain part 4

As he realized the damage and new heights he grew too, land felt horrible. He had destroyed everything that water had grown for him. All of her plants, her trees, her flowers, her animals, her people, he destroyed it all from his violent explosion and uproar. Land at its new heights just stood there. Land shook again rising to a new height and then to the west, he saw a cloud. FINALLY! I found her! I found her! He stopped shaking. Land was glad. He was glad she showed up. All the violent shaking he created had cause him to look majestic, yet all the shaking also caused him to change; destroying everything she had built for him. When water finally showed up she cried.

            She cried because land had destroyed everything she built for him. She didn’t like the new land; she loved the old land. Because she loved the old land so much, she cried for days until she filled the flat surface below creating an ocean. Land saw her pain and used it to his advantage; not realizing the passionate angry love making the two were making, they ended up creating a baby; they called her ocean. Finally it was calm. Land liked how he was able to cuddle their love; water realized a part of her would never leave even if she left for centuries. The land above ocean, water left dry for others to live. Water began to love this new arrangement; however, she grew a hate for Mountains over the years. Land’s emotions began to evolve; his violent growing from the absence of water, searching for water, became a challenge. He began to wonder, “How far can I reach?” Water didn’t like that land was invading her personal space. 

Land told water, I always want to be close to you; I don’t care what form you take, I love you. Water grew okay with that; eventually, she began to cover the top of mountain peaks. Land would continue to grow even taller into the heavens so that way she could never melt and they would always be one. He wanted to smell her cloud of perfume that would always whisk by his tip, that she covered with her snow. Water realized Mountain was just land but like her, he had evolved. She accepted the change and high up they live together forever in peace. As the ocean began to grow older, parts of her grew violent. Ocean hated mountain, she hated land, she hated her father. She began to spin off these violent storms that she would create, launching them at the land. As years, decades, centuries would go by, she made it an effort to try and kill everything that came near or close to her. 

Her father would grow mad and he would shake her foundation, which would stir up the ocean surge and cause Tsunami’s. The people of the land they would run to her father when she would get mad. Seek for higher ground until her wrath would pass. She sends hurricanes to land every chance she gets, she finds low lying land to fuck with her dad she’s quick, to kill many in her path she’s mad that mom created her out of his selfish needs, she was created from her mom crying because of these people’s selfish needs. She hates that these selfish people pollute her, and don’t really care, that’s why her winds reach a speed that seem unfair; Water knows her daughter is way beyond mad, water knows her daughter is always at war with her dad. Ocean has created her own kids she plans, to make this a water world, she wants to drown out the past. 

Her dad stands his ground but ocean is powerful, she lashes out at everything and uses anything that devours him, she’s even caused a problem between both of her parents, it’s the cycle of this life….she spawned off children that carve through our land that’s why Mr. River is ready for war he’s ready to span. Mr. Mountain reflected upon his history, his love and hate story between him, water and ocean. He realizes that Mr. River is one of his many grandchildren. From his peak, he looks at the path of Mr. River. He sees that the land is kind of flat, he sees his daughter far, really far in the distance; there’s at least a 2,000 mile difference. 

To be continued….

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