Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Determination: Water vs Mountain part five

Mr. Mountain knew this day would come. He looks down at the river. “So your mom drove you here”, replied Mr. Mountain. She’s been trying for years to destroy me, what makes you any different? What makes me different Mr. River said? I’m consistent. I will not stop until either Mr. Banks gives me room or I reach the other side of you. I miss my mother. Mr. Mountain replied, “Well go back. She’ll accept you. You see, she’s right behind you.” Mr. River began to speed up. He gained enough speed and started maneuvering back and forth. Mr. Banks had no choice but to move on both sides. Mr. Mountain grew furious and began to shake again. The river picked up more speed pushing back and forth and getting wider. The river did not care that Mr. Mountain was upset. 

Mr. Mountain trembled something furious, he trembled so hard that lands miles and miles away could feel his angry release. He shook the ocean floor and caused this tsunami that came rushing onto the land. The river kept expanding no matter how many boulders and piles of dirt the earthquake would send down. Eventually Mr. Mountain stop shaking and the river aggressively kept expanding as if the earthquake was still land. Mr. River realized this and at full force, began crashing into Mr. Mountain finding all of his cracks and pathways to make a pathway. On the other side, Ms. Ocean kept sending storm after storm on a daily While Mr. River kept expanding and eroding away at Mr. Mountain. She sent so many storms and Mr. Mountain kept forcing them to his highest peaks; this time it was different. 

Ms Ocean, warmer than usual was raging. She had a different plan. She spawned off hurricanes all across the earth and then kept focus on one area in particular; she kept focus on where her main child was at, trapped on the other side of Mr. Mountain. She kept most of the hurricanes out at sea but sent powerful thunderstorms raging towards land. She was getting tired but realized summer was coming to an end soon and in the winter season, Mr. Mountain was going to prevail. Mr. Mountain, trying to freeze  Mr. River in the summer, sent down a cold chill, Ms. Ocean realizing that Mr. Mountain was playing unfair, sent out a high pressure system. The two began to race towards the leeward side of the Mountain. 

As the two met, one being out of season and the other dominate in the summer, the two clashed and a side war began. The cold air mass met the hot air and those two hated each other. The trash talking began and they began to circle each other. The hot air lashed out at the same time as the cold air and they began to tumble and whirl around in the vast land. The hatred between the two sparked lighting and the loud thunder growls were being belched out as they went blow for blow, before you knew it, this violent tornado began to sweep across the desert lands. Mr. Mountain laughed and Ms Ocean laughed as well. Mr. Mountain knew that everything he unleashed was equal to Ms. Ocean. As the laughter began to settle down, Ms. Ocean lined up another high pressure system waiting on the coast. 

As the tornado began to dwindle, Mr. River began to lose speed. He realized during the tornado, some of his expansion he created was lost. Mr. Mountain looked down and said, “You and your mom put up a good fight but it’s no match for me.” Mr. River looked around, feeling a little discouraged realized maybe I should just roam around the land and circle back around. The only thing Mr. River wanted to do was connect with his mother. He couldn’t figure out why she sent him on such a journey, something impossible to defeat. He began to slow his road, he realized his mother was far way, either way. Mr. River knew that winter was coming. He wondered if this would be the right time to wage war in a region that was known to get cold and have wind chill factors. Extreme temperate shifts….then he saw a sign.

To be continued…. 

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