Friday, November 8, 2013

Reincarnation, a parallel Universe, and Déjà vu Part I

Déjà Vu: this magical moment that happens in our life when we have those moments that appear very familiar to us; those moments we cannot explain. What if there was an explanation? Well according to science, that reoccurring moment all of us experience is either fantasy or wish fulfillment or a mismatching in the brain that mistake the present for the past. Okay I believe this to be true, I believe this could be temporal lobe epilepsy; not a major seizure of the brain but something along those lines, however being me, I believe there is something more to déjà vu. If you look at a picture of our brain activity and a picture of the universe, there is a similarity; funny, most of the elements that our found in our stars are present in our bodies so why wouldn’t déjà vu be linked to possibly a vision glimpse into a parallel universe?

            It is said that, there is more than one of us out there; normally the second version of us lives in a parallel universe. I believe that déjà vu is nothing but a glimpse at the other version of our selves. This may get a tad confusing so please if you read this and become confused, by all means ask questions because I’m kind of confused with this theory myself. This is how I view it: When we have these moments, what happens is a parallel universe kind of merges with our universe. When the merge happens, we don’t know it, we can’t see it but it shows when we have these familiar moments. In that moment, I think we actually meet the other version of ourselves through a soul connection, through vision, our third eye. Since déjà vu is a present experience that we feel is something we did already, I think in another universe, the other me or you, already has done it. 

Normally in a parallel universe, the other version of ourselves is supposed to be living a different life. I feel when the other you and you do the same thing in separate universes, this is what possibly causes the merge and this is when déjà vu happens. déjà vu is supposed to be a gift. I think it helps us understand or it helps us look at life in a different way; however, déjà vu happens so fast, we don’t even get a chance, or we don’t get a chance to realize what is going on. If you can, try to think about the last time you’ve had déjà vu and tell me if you remember did it lead you somewhere? Did it give you any answers? The last time I had a déjà vu moment, it lasted for a while and I realized it before it happened. I had a premonition about my déjà vu moment seconds before it happened. It’s weird looking into the future to see yourself having déjà vu only for it to happen…because you know it’s going to happen. When it happens, it’s hard to explain because now you’re in a present situation, trying to recall something that looks like something you already did. 

In this moment, it allowed me to think and ask, “Why did this look so familiar?” As I quickly scanned my brain and shushed my friends around me, I was looking for all the possible clues as to, “what made this moment so familiar?” It was hard because I guessed the person walking by and the moment; it’s like having a premonition about a premonition. Only difference is, when you have a premonition, normally you get an answer; when it’s déjà vu, there is no reason. I could feel the déjà vu coming to an end. As the familiar moment slowly began to fade back into the normal, I couldn’t figure out “why in the fuck did I have a premonition about déjà vu?” So I created this theory that could be right and wrong. 

I do believe that we do glimpse into the other person’s life that is identical to us; and the same happens for that person. I think its God’s joke on both of us. Every now and then, he merges the two universes together and forces déjà vu to happen. Can you imagine, the other you at the same time having déjà vu and trying to figure out why this is happening?? I believe that we as humans are smart but some part of us is merely an ant to a greater power out there; they know we have the power to advance and evolve but know this is our early stages. We see it as a great but there is greater power to us. 


  1. I personally believe it's just a brain blimp, but wouldn't life be so much more interesting if you were right? Such possibilities!

    1. Janene, If I were right life would be WAY more interesting. I'm writing part two right now and it's a little more deeper; I went a little more into detail and added a little more religion to it. In some sense, I'm a spiritual guy. I went to catholic school for most of life, went to church on Sunday's but as I grew older I began to look at other religion's and slowly drifted away from my religion and actually for a little while, I was turning into an atheist but the way things are laid out in this universe, it's too complex for it just to be laid out like