Monday, November 25, 2013

The death of a Smart phone

Hi there world. How you doing? (Dorky wave) I hope all is well. How’s your mind frame? I hope that’s well because tonight, this morning, this afternoon, I’m going to talk about death. I’m not going to get all deep into it, if anything, I’ll try to keep the content light…get it? Light on a dark matter…..yeah ok well let’s begin. I view death like a cell phone bill you have to pay but don’t have all the money so the cell phone company tells you, “well you’ve been behind on your bill and we need all the money today or else you phone get’s cut off” So all day your worried because your phone is your life. (Let’s say you’re one of those people were you’re phone is your life) for most of us, it can be a heart attack if we lose our cell phone or it get’s cut off.  Anyways, your next pay check is a few miles up the road, money is short and you’re trying to find all kinds of ways to make that extra dollar. As the day goes on, you make a few extra bucks from recycling, coin star, and bunch of other odd end jobs. Finally, with all your effort, you don’t make enough. 

Its night time and you play on your phone. You go on FB and update your status and tell everyone, my phone is getting cut-off  followed by a crying sad face. Still looking for that extra money, you’re fighting, looking, checking pockets, FIVE DOLLARS!! I FOUND FIVE DOLL--- oh, it’s that fake flyer, you know the one you were going to use as a prank on a friend or some random stranger but now it has backfired on you. Upset but now starting to laugh, you start thinking why am I letting this stress me out? It’s not all that serious. Life will continue on. Then you remember that your whole life is connected to that phone, HOW WILL MY LIFE CONTINUE ON? You start thinking about how there’s other people in the world with real problems, parents of sons and daughters who are in the military, our country on the dawn of war again in Syria, the future of our world and future generations. The fact that one day, if I have kids, will I be a good parent? all of these different thoughts began to flood your head…after a few minutes of thinking about bigger problems, you’re cell phone being disconnected doesn’t seem so bad; Until you come back to reality and realize that this is a now situation. It’s a sign of something. What could I have done in the past to save more money? Maybe, just maybe, I didn’t need two pizzas. Maybe I didn’t need that new (insert item). Maybe I should not have passed on that job interview last week, damn I could have spent my money differently; that date was NOT worth it and the movie was horrible! Awful! (Sigh) It’s in the past, it happened and I just have to let that be.(Scratch  head, roll eyes, and shrugs shoulders) As you look at the time, it slowly get’s closer to midnight and you know at any moment now, you’re phone will no longer have service. 

You go back on FB and realize it’s a slow night, you log off. You get a tweet from one of your friends responding to your tweet, #youarealoser #yourphoneisgettingcutoff #pickupmorehoursatwork #lastweekendwasawesome #imjokingyournotaloserletmehold10dollars. You give the phone the middle finger as if he/she saw you. You send a text message to the one person that take’s 10 years to say hi; wrong move because you’re thinking you’re phone is cut-off so you’re constantly looking for a SIGNal. As you began to freak out, you forget you’re doing a Google search for places hiring; if I can see the internet, my phone is not off. You calm down. You put the phone down. And you decided to do something different, something to get your mind away from your disconnection, you go out and have a conversation with a person; an actual interaction with a human. You start talking to the person and you get to know each other. You start talking, laughing, exchanging stories and having a good time. 

As time moves on, you forget about your phone. This conversation, this connection with a person, the face to face, the smell of a perfume or cologne, the way the facial expression change, it’s not just a profile picture or smiley face or a sad face, it’s an actual human expression. The time has come to leave. You and that other person come to a realization that you have to leave and you guys gather your stuff and prepare to go in separate directions. Before you guys leave, the person ask you, “hey you got an e-mail or a number I can reach you at?” Of course you say yes. So you give that person you’re NUMBER and they call you, so you can have their number and then they hear the embarrassing disconnected message, you know, “the user you are trying reached at this time cannot be reached please call back at another time"…something like that. They look at you and you stand there, he’s/she says, “hey it happens, that’s life, it’s not like life has ended. 

            As you began to accept that you’re cell phone is off, it feels ok. It’s odd because here you are, no cell phone and your life is still moving on. In the life without a cell phone, you find ways to communicate with others. The crossover doesn’t seem so bad; of course you miss a few things in your cell phone life but so far, the new life, it’s not so bad. As a matter of fact, you can’t even remember why you were stressing. As the day’s go by, and you find different means of communicating, you start to gather a rhythm. The worry and stress you endured when trying to get the phone bill paid is starting to seem silly; looking at how others are buried in their phone’s, lap tops, or tablets is crazy to you; to think you were one of these people. Life has begun again, it’s renewed. 

Death is like a cell phone bill. We are all scared of dying because of its uncertainty. Nobody knows where you go; for the religious, heaven or hell, for science the brain dies, there’s all kinds of ideals and theories because we are unsure but we go through the steps of death all the time in life; especially when we put so much value into something. Once you realize there’s nothing you can do to change the fate, you accept, let go, and walk right into a new life.

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