Monday, November 11, 2013

Reincarnation Part 2

I believe in Heaven and Hell; but I don’t believe that we stay there for all eternity. When we enter Heaven or Hell, we stay there so we know what it’s like then we come back but in a parallel universe to our past life. I feel in each parallel universe we enter, we are there to influence a society or maybe just one person in our life. The thought I’ve been flirting with goes a little something like this….At the beginning of every new life, I feel we always remember a small chunk of our past life. The reason why we can’t remember our past life in full is because we’ve been in heaven or hell for so long, we’ve probably been there longer then what we can count, more than 10 googol’s, probably for what was an eternity but sense time is lost when you reach certain realms, what feels like a day was probably an eternity. When you come back, the spirit cannot grasp what happened which is why I think déjà vu and odd questions are raised from children. 

As a child, some remember a past life and some don’t; I feel the ones who don’t, have probably been gone from any universe for an extremely long time so living life feels like their first time. I feel normally the ones who ended up in hell, stay in hell longer then ones who were sent to heaven. Hell I believe is a place where the spirit is tormented but probably the ultimate lesson a soul could ever learn; it’s a place I think all of us go at some point depending on the life we lead. Usually the souls, who are reincarnated from hell, are usually the people you meet who are the good people. The average brain can’t comprehend; even the smartest brain I believe can’t comprehend hell. However, somewhere deep down inside, those who have visited hell, have a gut feeling and a knowing of what is right from wrong, have this natural knowing of what is right because they don’t want to visit hell again. On the flip side, those reincarnated from heaven, and have been going to heaven every time, don’t know what hell is like; thus this creates the bad in all parallel universe; they don’t understand. I don’t think the bible is wrong to some extent, I do believe if you lead a bad life you will end up in hell…just not forever. It’s said that God is a forgiving God and God does not want us to suffer, yet God is wrathful but he’s also a teacher as well. So when you roll all of that up into one, what do you get? When God created life, he was complex. I feel he loves us so much, he created parallel universes for us to live in. I feel the reason we cannot time travel is because it’s impossible; however, I feel when we do something, and it become’s past, it’s still in motion. 

I feel that November 8th 2013, when I was at the bar and I shared a moment with the love of my life, that moment will forever live, it’s always in action even when we die. When we come back reincarnated in a different universe, that past moment is still in action and it comes to visit us in the form of déjà vu; no matter what it is. If we killed someone in our past life, such a horrible act, it will haunt us in our new life every now and then; may it be through dream or familiar moments, it’s an action that is still acting in our past life; it’s there as a reminder of what not to do or if it’s a good action, it’s an action of what to do. In every life, curiosity has always flirted with us hence why there’s this yin and yang in any universe. 

There’s this constant cycle of souls going to hell and heaven and a cycle of souls being spewed out from these two place throughout space; picture it like blowing a dandelion and how all of its buds just kind float in every direction but eventually land somewhere. Somewhere in this universe, somewhere in a parallel universe, Jesus is alive but maybe not how we recall him in the bible. Somewhere he might be living the life of sin, however in this universe, we know him as our savior and the man that we should emulate to lead a good life. In a parallel universe I think Jesus was known like he was in this one but a man not to follow; he was the image of sin and the guidelines of what not to do; meanwhile in this universe, he’s the image of pure holiness, the image of good and what one should follow. In both universes, his purpose was to influence people and show people what to do and what not to do. 

I feel when we are reincarnated, and we come back, we go to these parallel universes and in each life, we were meant to influence someone. On earth, there are 7 billion people and somehow we are all connected but yet at the same time, we are all unaware of our connection to each other; basically, we’ll never meet the people we were suppose to meet in this life time, on this planet. My reason for this thought: The seasons, the weather, our climate has major affect on our moods. For example, when the Chinook winds or the Santa Ana winds kick up, it is said that the crime rate explodes. The reason for this is because our body get’s bombarded with too many positive ions; our body needs the negative ions as well. When we have too many positive ions, it causes mankind to experience feelings such as anxiety, nervousness, irritability and other emotions that lead to violent behavior. 

Soooo…..take a reincarnated soul from hell wanting to make it to heaven, and take a reincarnated soul from heaven that’s never been to hell and curious; put them in the same area during a wind storm or a really windy day and what do you get? In my opinion, you get some crazy shit about to go down. These two should have never crossed paths on this planet….we see this happen all the time. I think we were put in each other’s lives to either be put in hell or heaven; kind of like a test. Certain people we’re meant to go to hell that have been to heaven; all it takes is the right combination of people. As I stated earlier, God doesn’t want us to suffer but in order to deliver his word, he would need us to experience the bad. When we come back, we should come back stronger. In other parallel universes, evil may be much stronger then what we experience here on earth….and if you been to hell, you wouldn’t want to go back. In a parallel universe where souls really need saving to make it to heaven, you’re strength is stronger and your influence in someone’s life will be much stronger if you’ve seen heaven and hell; those who’ve only to been to one won’t help you as much. 

This theory is not a theory to scare you into living a different life, it’s not a theory to start doing wrong; of course I’m saying no matter what, at some point were going to hell and heaven; it’s a theory of challenge. Where do you feel you have been? In this scenario, do you think you’ve been to hell? It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person if you went to hell, it means you made some wrong decisions in a past life, and it also means God needed you to be stronger for whatever reason. It’s a different thought, a thought of knowing we have the free will to do whatever we want. If you landed on this read, there was a reason. I’m not saying this is the answer because we all interpret things differently. Someone may see this as blaspheme, while others may see this is as what it is: A different thought, others may view this is a way of living a good life, some might think, “He must have been extremely high” some may see this is a way back to God; we all have different views. The vision I’m sharing with you, the thought, and my theory is a way of finding balance, finding those who may feel there leading a corrupt life due to religion. 

It’s not questioning God; it’s questioning what man has written. The thought of knowing the bible has been through thousands of translations; some  words don’t even translate into a certain languages; slang words have been around for thousands of years in every language. Let me give you a small example….I once dated a girl from Spain in my early twenties and one day, she came to school wearing an outfit that I thought looked really good on her. My generation, we always use the term when we like something, “That’s hot”. I thought, I’m going to be “cute” and say that’s hot in Spanglish and said, “Aye, that’s caliente!” She gasped! I looked confused and I told her, “You were hot”. She laughed. I was still confused. Then she told me, “Well I’m glad you think I look horny” I laughed. She told me in Spain when you use “Caliente” in that context, as a slang, your saying someone looks horny. I wasn’t trying to say she looked horny, I was trying to say she looked hot; so I said, “lo siento senorita. Muy bonita. 

In my example, as something as simple as giving someone a compliment, the translation was lost. The translation was lost between two people; it was clarified but for the moment, she wasn’t sure if I was complementing her or calling her a whore. Imagine translation amongst centuries and centuries of people, people who don’t get along and people who feel another way about a certain people, just a mess. I never say question the creator, I question us. The stories are good, they teach us moral but is it the truth? I feel one should always feel free to translate and express…this is a large universe, with so many answers, so many creations, so many chances, why would we only get one shot? Why not be able to relive for just a moment, a past life from a parallel universe through déjà vu?

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