Monday, November 4, 2013

A world without God

Some say we are in a world without God. I beg to differ. It’s selfish to think of only one God as your God. The world without God means no fighting and peace is the way to go, a world with God means no fighting and peace is the answer, a world with God mean’s the middle east; the horrible acts in such a holy land. The world without God, I almost think we’re better off. The world is a contradiction; from human to the land, the world contradicts itself. Man and land our connected so are environment is nothing but a reflection of what we have done. However, we live by these guide lines that have been set by religion. These guide lines, are sins, which in my perspective are our natural animal ways is driving us crazy. If you look at the 10 commandments, it’s everything an animal does; yet there not condemn to hell. Man never wrote or stated anything about animal going to hell; and man is technically animal, we are no different. 

Religion was sent here to advance us. Without religion, mankind would have never been able to keeps it’s animalistic urges under control; however, the animalistic urges still rear its head. The constant reminder of cheating, lusting after someone, the unexplained murders or no control over their actions, wars, gangs, fighting over territory or money, something of value, chemical warfare; this is nothing but evolved lions, tigers, and bears oh my, fighting…the world without God. The stories that are told in the bible are stories of lesson, morality, a teaching and learning on how we should treat one another. There guidelines on what we should live by, kind of like training wheels. As we get older, and the training wheels are gone, we live life by what is right and what is wrong; often referring back to our studies of Jesus. 

Like riding a bike, you never think that your brain refers to the first time you rode a bike every time you hop on; you ride that bike the same way. In adulthood, you have ridden a bike so many times, that you think you’re recalling the last time you rode, when actually, it goes back to that first time, stored deep in your memory. Religion is similar. When angered, those lessons of not to kill, the stuff you don’t remember seeps into your psyche, the stuff that tells you it’s wrong, your third eye, your gut feeling is all found in your brain; due to religion…yeah. These are not bad things. The placement of religion in society, is used as an advancement and control tool,  a contradiction and constantly fighting against our natural urges.  The evolved man of today does not want to kill, however when movies like the Purge come about, it’s a funny thought to see how religion can fly out the window.

In a world, where murder has become “legal” is a tad contradictory. Murder has always been legal; there’s no church in the wild. The thought that most of us would want to kill the backstabbing boy/girlfriend who cheated on you or did you wrong is a sign of animal behavior; territorial. In a funny sense, look at those who get angry when their hungry; it’s an animal trait, like a tiger, its anger (and hunger) is used as fuel to seek and destroy its prey, once fed, the beast is at rest. This would be the world without God. The world with God evolved man to its modern day position; the world without God would have evolved man to it modern day position. The world without God means the average person would have been killing using an app. 

We would have eventually come to this point; I think. There is the belief for some out there who believe God and Jesus may have actually been aliens. The heavens above us, signifying space and the way God is portrayed as the beam of light, makes it’s arguable and unarguable. In my opinion: Man is animal. Some say we advanced ourselves, but from a science stand point, there’s always a cause to every reaction. So if that’s the case, what really caused our advancement? Could it have been constant experimenting? Could it have been an advanced civilization, from the “heavens” laying down there law, there advancement of civilization? If you look at religion, it set the bar far ahead, an ancient book with stories that are hard to grasp to this day. People today still can’t act right and it makes me wonder, could this have been sent by a civilization that may be closer to God?  If we can do the game of six degrees of separation, a simple game, I’m pretty sure higher powers are beyond what my mind can handle. 

I know it seems like blasphemy. I’m not saying God does not exist. If you think about religion for one second, it’s really hard to follow in Jesus footsteps. We are all born sinners. The contradiction of God and the clashing of our natural ways almost make you wonder; did an evil civilization come and lay down good laws on earth? How is that possible? It’s a thought…I mean look at it like this, if God made us to reproduce, but then said thou shall not covenant thy neighbors wife, but animals, use sex to reproduce, put here to do the same, do the same exact thing, because there is no boundary, we as animals have that urge; however, religion placed in our face, told us it’s wrong to follow our natural urges and that we sin when we do, it sounds like a cruel joke from an evil civilization; when it’s quiet you can hear God speak. 

            We have the choice to live whatever life we want: free will. If we choose the wrong path, we burn in hell. God wanting us to suffer, he doesn’t want us to suffer. It sounds like alien talk, to expect people to live up to such a high expectation only to fall; being set up for failure. When it’s quiet you can hear God speak. God is in us. When we are alone, you can hear him; there is no book that can tell you right from wrong, he is in us. Even when it’s loud, you can hear him. Signs, energy, people, messages, gut feeling, a knowing without really knowing, speaking without guideline or no hesitation, it’s a small piece of God. He created the brain to reach new limits and explore new heights, not to be trapped. He wants us to love one another but be respectful, whatever that means to whom. Once you get pass the alien talk, the evil but good religion to advance man, the law laid down on earth, separating your urges and knowing it’s an urge, you find God, you explore heaven and you’re not dead; I’m almost there, now the world, like crabs in a barrel, consume me, grab me back down to earth, ground’s me and I find myself asking, wondering, “What would the world be like without God?” 

Is this true? If religion were out of everyone's life, would morals go out the window or would everyone act sane?


  1. interesting thoughts- I appreciate the way your brain works with theology!

  2. Hi Julie! Thank you very much. I appreciate that you read this post. Glad to hear from you. What's your take on theology?