Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Deja vu

(When you see the large slap, clap once; it's pretty funny)
 I’ve come to visit your mind.

                   Fool with your thoughts and make you think there’s a glitch in time
                                    The crinkle in your cranium
Has you seeing things twice.
                                   Did the Universe play a trick?
                             Did I just see what would be a glimpse?
                  I can’t seem to recall, but this feels oddly strange
                                   It’s Déjà vu playing its game.
Sending reminders
Showing me another life
       “Honey I kiss that other woman because in parallel universe she’s my wife.”
A lame
Déjà vu

Right across his face, he feels the sting
The slap to his face, he can’t remember a thing
He recalls the sting
But does not
Recall the
Oh wait                                     *SLAP*
It happens again, that just happened….
She said, “Of course because you kissed that other woman…”
He thinks twice
She raises her hand
 He flinches
She smirks
He smiles
She kisses him
He kisses her back
Before you know it
Here comes another

“What the fuck!?!”
He yells
You kissed that woman!
Yes, I’m kissing you!
There is no other woman…
“Are you crazy!?!”
                                                                     He yells
She laughs and he’s confused, being slapped three times, he can’t tell if this is something that has her amused. Is this something new? Does she love hitting now? When the hell did this happen? She leans in for a kiss, he backs away. He utters, “Oh no, every time I kiss you, I get five finger across my face.” She looks confused almost out of place…..she looks sad, he’s a tad mad…..he can’t seem to grasp the moment. He thinks back about an earlier statement…… “Honey I kissed that other woman because in a parallel universe she’s my wife.”
Wait, I had another wife
This must be in another life
Maybe this is why she is hitting me. Maybe because I keep kissing the other woman. He shrugs his shoulders and kisses his wife.

She laughs. He starts to laugh, purely out of frustration. “Honey, why do you keep hitting me?” She replies, “Because you keep kissing the other woman” THERE IS NO OTHER WOMAN!! He starts to yell, she begins to laugh. “Oh honey, I’m just toying with you” She rubs his face in a seductive way, rubs his stubble….she leans in for a kiss, he begins to lean in again…he stops and says Déjà vu She replies, “Why Déjà vu honey?” He say’s because when I kiss you, you’re going to slap me. She replies, “Possibly because your kissing another woman.” You’re cheating on me. What other woman am I kissing??? You’re the only woman around me! “Let me show you” She rushes him, kisses him unexpected and off guard, his arms fling in the air and he’s trying to run away because he doesn’t
Want to cheat on his wife. He doesn’t kiss her. She begins to pull away. Here it comes.

He sighs. What did I do now? You kissed that other woman!! “Déjà vu” he says in a stumped manner. “Why Déjà vu honey?” because when I kiss you, you’re going to slap me--- wait a second! The man comes to the conclusion that he’s found a portal through Déjà vu. Whenever something seems familiar, the universe has actually collided into itself; this means at some point in my life, I’m living in my parallel life and my current life at the same time. Oh shit! His wife looks at him and smiles. You knew this whole time that Déjà vu is nothing but the parallel colliding with the current. Yep, she replies. “So are you going to kiss me?” “I don’t know, is the parallel you going to slap me? He replies. She replies, “Can you tell who is who?” Not really, but you can; and you both teamed up and played this cruel joke on me. Since I’m caught up to speed, can you point me in the right direction? “Just kiss me”, she replies…..

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