Thursday, November 12, 2015

Untitled IX

My eyes
heavy but the
lids won't shut,
my mind busy
because my brain
wants to fuck, I
really don't want sex,
I think I just...I think
I just want to go to
sleep and my brain
knows a good pounding,
a tussle in the bed would
release melatonin, have me
stretching and yawning....
I think its funny, I can be
sleepy at work but
wide awake in my
bed...someone once
told me just turn the
lights out and stare at
the ceiling until
you fall asleep, it
makes sense...I
haven't tried it,
well I did one time,
it worked, maybe
I should try it
again, or maybe
I should down
this bottle of gin!
I don't have a bottle
of gin, it just rhymed...

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