Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My Youth

In DTLA around 6:45 p.m. inside of a dark bar, candles lit, lights low when she came up and said...

"My Youth was
better than yours"
said the young
woman."Was" I said?
"Yes" she said. So
you're not young
any more? Your not
filled with vigor,
willing to damage your
liver...your youth is
past tense? She
replied "No" So
why the use for was?
(Sticks her tongue out)
"You know what I mean."
No I don't. I'm grown,
I'm 31, I've made
mistakes and when I
do something again, I
repeat them knowing,
you on the other hand,
make mistakes because
you're still growing,
you at the age of 20
something "don't give two shits"
me at 31, I really don't give
a shit, but I'm still
young enough to act
stupid but know
when to quit. My
youth is filled with
different scenes,
drunk off wine in art
galleries, trying to
decipher if this
abstract art speaks
to me, pass the
joint, change my vision
now I see the
image...I go to
clubs sometimes,
I hit bars, I still
party probably harder
then you...31 is old?
Fuck no, I
feel better now then I
did when I was 25,
I'm much smoother,
well kind of, I still
fuck up, but I'm
human so that can
happen... shots,shots
drunk on La Cienega.
puke at the pinks with
the strangers I met just
a minute ago...I still
have my friends but
realize THIS WORLD IS is my penis...
I didn't really
mean it....I've been
drinking...the fuck was
I talking bout? Youth.
Your youth is ugly...
(Sticks tongue out) =)

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