Wednesday, November 4, 2015


        .soul the torment to  meant is hell ,eternity  for burn  you place   a  isn't   hell  of    meaning  real The
you  burying  then   casket    a    in   you  putting someone imagine  ,image    that  understand     to order   In

   instead   so ,free  be to suppose    is  soul  the  ,die  we  When   .level  new  a to it Take    .alive

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to  back you  brings it   ,it  to   use gets one when  ;alive  its  ,free   its that  thoughts  with tormented

  has body the  after  even on  goes  This .body  dead a of  inside trapped   is soul  ones  that  ,reality

  over   be  it  wanting lives  their of  moments  worse the into submerged  then is One  .decayed

   and past    your   of  yourself  forgiving   is  escaping  of  way only The .over  is  it  realize don't  but                                
  beautiful    up bring   ,you  trick   to  like demons   but  free  are  you  ,trapped  not  are  you realizing

   moments in your life, then take them away. We are all beautiful souls and we make mistakes, but don't

get stuck on your mistakes, realize you're not perfect, be humble yet  confident and joyous in situations.

Love when they hurt,  laugh when you hurt, cry when you're happy, and smile when you're sad...

Written 11/15/13


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