Thursday, November 5, 2015

Bye Monie

15 years you
spent being
happy and loving
looking for food,
and head rubbings,
at the door when I
was shit faced from
a night of clubbing,
leading me up the
stairs because even
in my drunk mind
you knew I wouldn't
step on your tail. When
I was happy you flourished,
when I was sad you
stayed next to me and purred,
when angry your big round
eyes looked at me as if
I were crazed because that's
not the way I
I have to carry you to your
grave. 15 years you spent
being happy and loving,
always looking for head
rubbings, in front
of the Christmas tree
you would stand,every
year as if that was the
plan, but this year
will be different,
no Monie in front
of the tree only a picture
and a memory, but
you'll be pain free in
front of a angel, with
your kitty wings and
all the Ice cream and
chicken you can
steal, all the
head rubs you
can get, a large
bed and a litter
box that's clean
as soon as you finish...
maybe you won't be
a cat in the cosmos, you'll
be something else...either
way RIP,  love you and
I miss you. bye Monie

written on 11/5/14

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