Friday, November 13, 2015

Body Language

A body can
speak to you
before the lips
part, a body can
forum words
before the
voice sounds,
a body can insinuate
what the words exaggerate,
finding a middle ground to
pierce a subject to
penetrate, the movements
can intimidate, show
flatter and imitate,
allowing my body to retaliate
to your movements
I adore, I appreciate...

A body can
speak to you
before the
lips part, a
light rub can
be gentle and
sweet, arousing
mental release,
arousing relaxation
and sleep...body
language isn't
intricate, its intimate,
its subtle, calming, the
heat released between
the two can be enduring
or a bombing of
emotions, an explosion
of rushed intense
feelings emend, so
I can remove
your clothes to
see the truth
within, you
remove my clothes
to see the blues
within, we both
look in, only
to find myself
kissing the
soul with in, taking
away your damage,
the parts that
sinned, would change
your body language
to a woman of zen...

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