Tuesday, November 3, 2015

South L.A. (1999)

Remember that night,
the evening was young
and the air was warm,
the sun setting in mid
may the party was fun...
our young teenage love
danced and laughed, we
clowned, romanced, your
touching and kissing aroused
my pants, the tugging and pulling
clouded my mind, your fingers
were touching my hands but mines,
where minds do go when lights go
low, the dancing was slow, erotic
fa'sho but too mature for being 14...
as time moved on the party it changed,
exchange for flowers that scented the
air, it change to weed that clouded,
stifled the room, the music turned
up, the blunts burned up, the
gangstas showed up, everything
went up including that little voice
that said,"get the fuck out" buuutttt
you knnnoooww........my dick was hard,
I was 14, she kept kissing me, I kept
dismissing thee, obvious fact my life
is in danger, Crip flags flying and looks
were glaring, gang signs thrown
and some bloods showed up, they
turned the lights down low and they
slowly rolled up, we all dancing
in the party you know the music
still up and then screeching of the
wheels, pop! pop!pop! pop! Shots
is fired, I'm trying to run
with a boner which slowly began to
leave.... they
turned the block, I'm on the porch
looking at the man in the wheel chair
who got shot, death is in the air it
was quiet but loud, then the bullets
sang again...I'm still standing on the porch
"DEAN GET DOWN!!!" my dad
yelled...we both made it, my mom
in the car nervous...I'm stopping
because that night is blurred...kind of..

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