Monday, November 2, 2015


I...I use to
fear being with
myself only because
I wondered how others
would view me but once
you realize people are going
to have their opinions, you
stop can be lonely
 sometimes but once you realize
all you need is one or two people
in your life, once you realize that
people together means trouble,
drama, even when you don't want
 to be involved you become content....
to know people from a distance is my
stance, to know a person up close
is a dance, to know them intimately means
their in my pants, that can be taken
sexual or as in hands in my pocket,
intimate is not always sex it can be close,
warm...when I sneeze there's no one
to bless me, but bless you has become
an auto pilot response, not a sincere
thought that you're blessing a person.
when someone sneezes around me,
I bless them for what 11:11
didn't give them...Alone not as
bad, no pressure to speak, no
pressure from the fellas to talk
to a pretty girl, only odd looks
, temptation surface in the
eyes of those who want
out, curious why I'm
alone...he's a loser, he must
be a bad person, his friends suck, its
neither...I'm odd, I like to be to my
thoughts sometimes...I'm searching
for something, something in mankind,
I haven't found it but when I do, I'll
let you know...

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